Tips to get your job application noticed by recruiters

Well, you must be applying to 100’s of jobs every month and hardly get a call from one or two or most of the times, none. This article would help you understand the current situation and why most of you are not getting calls

–         If a Tier 1 company posts a job (1 requirement), at-least 500 people apply for the post. The number would be 10 times more if it is an entry level job. You cannot expect the company to call applicants for the interview to fill the 1 position

–         With the increase in number of engineering colleges, unemployment of engineering graduates has grown exponentially which in turn led to the increase in number of job applicants. Recruiters blindly reject most of the applications without even looking at the title or the skills

What you need to do to improve your chances of getting an interview call

–         Be one of the first to apply for the positions. Usually, the recruiters finalize few candidates from the first few 100’s who apply for the role

–         Read the Job Description completely and see that all the skills required are covered in your resume.  For example, if the job role is PHP developer and your resume has C/C++, your chances to be considered for the role are less

–         If you are a fresher and have done a project in a company or even consultancy, put the work as intern experience

–         When you see a job listing you are interested in and have a friend or relative working for that company, ask them to refer you. Referrals are given preference to those who apply directly. However, if there is no open position and if you are referred, it does not matter again.

–         Last but not the least, do not lose hope!  We know that many deserving candidates are not getting a chance to be interviewed either because they applied late or the recruiter randomly selected certain profiles. Increase your probability of consideration by applying to every job that you come across with! This would increase your probability of being considered by at least one employer. If you lose hope and stop applying for jobs, you gain nothing but only lose your chances of getting a job!

Huge job portals let you apply for 50 jobs a day. This does not mean that all the 50 companies are going to call you. This is just for increasing your chances of being called by atleast one or two of them. We are writing this article to make freshers understand the current situation. An experienced engineer working for Microsoft is not getting a call from Google with ease and a fresher is expecting calls from every company he applies to! Understand the Job Market and the situation before you complain.

Never lose hope! If you really deserve, you will definitely get the job of your dreams!  

How to Make Your Engineering Resume Stand Out?

Resume is an integral part of any job search process. An impactful resume can be the difference between landing an interview and getting junked in the pile. As an engineer, you should be aware of the various elements that make up for a perfect resume as per your industry and that gets you instant attention of the recruiter.  The article talks about the same.

Resumes make or break job search. Six seconds; that’s all you have to impress the recruiter according to a 2012 study. Within this short period of time you have to leave a lasting impression on the recruiter. As an engineering graduate, crafting a perfect resume is actually even more important since every year millions of new engineers pass out and compete with each other for a job. Your resume has not only to be perfect, but it also has to be different and better than the competition so that you have a better chance at securing a good job and career. In short, your engineering resume should stand out. Wondering how? Follow these tips:

Aim for accuracy and impact

As an engineer, one cannot emphasize enough on the need to be precise in all professional aspects of your life. Engineers are taught to be precise and accurate right from the very first year of their college and the same goes for engineering resumes. You resume should have precise, cut-to-the-chase information that makes impact on the hiring manager. While accuracy of facts is vital, it’s also imperative to have your resume proofread in order to weed out any grammatical or spelling error on the resume. Impactful information refers to your contribution, achievements and personal participation and how it can be helpful in your career ahead.

Be concise

Engineers are often part of large projects, either handling them on their own or with a team. It has been observed by recruiters that engineers, in a bid to emphasize on the importance of their project and role tend to go into information overload mode, pouring a number of unnecessary words in their resume, making it lengthier and clumsy.  Any recruiter of a good organization wouldn’t spend more than 30 seconds on the resume to create their first opinion about the candidate. You need to view the resume from a recruiter’s perspective. Just because you think the information is relevant doesn’t necessarily makes it important.

Include accomplishments instead of responsibilities

The only things that can make you stand out of the competition are your achievements. Therefore, your resume should focus on accomplishments more than previous job tasks and responsibilities. You have to focus on the positive aspects of your job in the previous company. For instance, tell the recruiter about ways to do things better, more efficiently and for less cost. This information will certainly put your engineering resume on the top of the stack.

Forget objective, include a summary

Most recruiters agree that including an objective on the CV isn’t actually necessary these days. Your reason for applying to job is to get it, which actually is the objective of your CV. Therefore, unless the job posting specifically calls for one, there is no need to write an objective. Instead, provide the reader with a brief summary which matches the requirements of the kind of job you are applying for. For instance, while applying for an engineering manager job, include a short history of your work, and education credentials.(B-Tech, followed by MBA) that actually make you the right person for the job

Include projects

Since engineer’s lives are spent revolving around different types of projects, including them in the resume makes perfect sense. Depending on your engineering specialty and years of experience, include at least 3-4 key projects to include in your resume.  If the CV becomes too long, it is sensible to include a separate project list sheet. The list should be chronologically ordered, with the most recent project on the top. Do not forget to include your specific role and achievements, if any in these projects.

Add a personal touch

It’s highly recommended to customize the resume as per the job opportunity before sending it.  Headhunters have this uncanny ability to figure out if you are mass-posting the resume and in such case, most resumes end up in trash. Customize the resume to suit the specific role and engineering specialty you are aiming at.

In addition, make sure everything is presented in an easy to read and understand way. Fancy fonts and shapes make it harder for recruiters to spot the vital information and thus blur your chances of securing the chance of getting interviewed. Implementing all these tips in your resume will surely increase your acceptance rate.

F1 Visa- Sample Interview questions and answers

Category: Introduction

1.   Greeting Message  :
•   Gud Morning Sir/Mam, How are you doing
•   Hello Sir/Mam, How is your day going on

2.   What is the purpose of  your visit?
To pursue Masters in Science in USA at XXXX

3.   F1 student, Which university are you heading to?
XXX at City, State name

4.   Which program are you going to?
Masters in Science in Computer Science Major

5.   Why are you going to US?
To pursue Masters of Science degree

6.   Why study in the US?

“I would like to go to the U.S. for further education because there I would get a global exposure in my chosen field. In my opinion, the quality of education provided by the best universities in the U.S. is not found anywhere else in the world.”

Category: Sponsor

1.   Who is your sponsor?
I am being sponsored by my father who is working complete designation in company name no abbreviations since past 30 years
We have a total annual income is XX lacs in which my father’s annual income is XX lacks  and we have agriculture income/rental income  of XX lackh per annum.
Savings of about XX lacks in which my father has got GPF of XX lackhs , bank savings of XX lacks which is saved for the purpose of my education.
Additionaly, loan of rs. 15 lacks has been sanctioned for the studies in US.

2.   What is he? What is his income?
He is working as XX in YY since past 30 years. His total annual income is XX lackhs in which  annual income is YYlacks  and we have agriculture income of Y lackh per annum.

3.   Can I see your CA statement?
Yes sir sure.

4.   How are you going to meet your expenses?
Since my father is working from past 30 years he acquired a total savings of about XX  lacks in the form of GPF of XXlacks and bankbalance of  Rs.XX lacks for the purpose of my higher studies.
Apart from savings we additionally took a loan of Rs.XX lacks from Canara Bank Secunderabad.

5.   Do you have some supporting documents about his income?
Yes sir I have salary slip, IT returns of the pervious year and MRO certificate of  Agriculture income.

6.   Can you support your entire education?
Yes sir I can. As I am the only son my father with has saved some amount of money for my further studies. Apart from savings I have a loan of about  Rs. XX lacks which I can use if I fall short of my family funds and I am sure I can repay my loan after my masters.

7.   How much savings do you have / Can you show me your statement?
Sir, my father has Savings of about XX lacks in which my father has got GPF of  XX lackhs , bank savings of  X lacks which is saved for the purpose of my education.hope you liked the post! Please find some of our most read and liked posts here

Category: Conclusion/Others

1.   Do you have family in USA?
No sir I don’t have any family living in USA.

2.   What will you do after finishing masters in USA?
With a Masters degree from US I am sure that I will be employed in a multinational company like Cognizant technologies, Polaris, Iflex, Visual Soft, InfoTech Enterprises. As per NASCOM (National Association of Software services COMpanies),
the future demand for IT Professionals is estimated 33 lakhs by 2015
and now it is 4 lakhs. This boosts up my confidence.

3.   Will you come back to India after Masters?
I am living here from past 22 years and i love my parents.and my parents are well settled here and my all property is here in india.I have some resposibility towards my family. US degrees are well appreciated & preffered in India.and India is advancing country in technology. I have lot of  opportunity here after completing my MS degree.

4.   Where do you see yourself after 5 years?
• Working for a multinational company like Cognizant technologies, Polaris, Iflex, Visual Soft, InfoTech Enterprises.
• As per NASCOM (National Association of Software services Companies), the future demand for IT Professionals is estimated 33 lakhs by 2015 and now it is 4 lakhs.

5.   What will you do if your VISA gets rejected?
Sir I am full-filling all the requirements of VISA and University. I have sufficient bankbalance to fund my education. I have clear cut plans to come back to India. I am sure i ll be absorbed in one the MNC’s like IBM, ORACLE etc.  I believe genuine student like me you wont be rejecting. Even if i dint convince u, its up to you to decide. And i will analyze where i have gone wrong to convince you and apply once again.

F-1 visa – student visa- the entire process

This article is all about F-1 visa. Opting for masters in U.S. is a good idea but one of the main challenges assoiated with the programme is obtaning a n f-1 visa. Here are few very important tips that would help you escape bitter rejection.
Step1: Prior to your appointment, do visit the US Embassy web page for your country and get valuable information to get a clear idea of the process of your interview and do prepare likewise.
Step2: Pay the SEVIS FEE/ If you are offered admission to a degree program at any University this amount will be applied to the payment of your tuition by the University.  You can pay this fee either online or through mail.
To Pay By Mail
1. Obtain a Form I-901(Download the form from
2. Complete the Form I-901.
NOTE: Write your name as it appears on your I-20 form.
3. Prepare a cheque, foreign draft (drawn on US banks only 1 or international money order of $100 USD and made it payable to “The Department of Homeland Security”
4. Mail the payment and completed I-901 Form to the address listed on the Form.
5. Mail the Form I-797 receipt within 3 days of processing the fee.
NOTE: Always make copies of your receipts and keep them with your important immigration documents.
To Pay Online
1. You can find the Form I-901 at
2. Complete the online form with all the necessary Visa, MasterCard or American Express information.  NOTE: Write your name exactly as it appears on your I-20 form.
3. Print a copy of the online receipt.
NOTE: Always make copies of your receipts and keep them with your important immigration documents.
Step 3: Show all possible documents to the Visa officer to prove that you are not using the F-1 visa to gain unlawful entry in the US or to seek employment.

I. Proving legitimacy as a student
• You must present a history of your academic career. Complete secondary (high school) and University records (if you are applying for a graduate degree).
• The appropriate Test results – GMAT, GRE, TOEFL
• Record of High Achievement
• Age appropriate for degree
II. Adequate Financial Support
You must present a history of financial records indicating that the money has been available for a period of time. The longer the period of time the better it is. You must also present evidence that your guarantor will be able to finance the remaining years (after the first year) of your education.

III. Prove your intention to return to your home country
Show them the records

a)   If you have ever traveled outside the country.
b)   If you own a property that required maintenance and your oversight.
c)   The degree that you have been admitted to is unavailable in your home country.
d)   If you are offered a position of employment that requires your specialized education and training.
e)   Prove that your prolonged absence will cause an undue burden on your family members living locally.

This is the entire process involved in obtaining an f-1 visa or student visa!

LOR – letter of recommendation ! LOR sample, LOR tips and LOR FAQ

Lor (letter of recommendation) is something that makes you glow! Having no lor is better than having a bad lor!  For those professors or professionals who are not sure if they can write an effective lor, better inform the students rather than writing something bad and screwing their careers! And students, dont write an lor yourself and get i signed by your professor! People at top universities are intelligent enough to differenciate lor’s written by students and profs! Find someone who can really write something for you

Tips for writing an LOR that works!

– Before writing one, understand the qualities that must be High lighted

– not just the technical skills, include the candidates  social and team building skills as well

– Understand the position the candidate is applying for and accordingly highlight the feature in the lor and this makes the lor more specific

–  Do mention how you are related to the person you are writing about in the lor

– You need to get the candidate out of the pool right! So , use phrases that would make the reader understand social, technical and attitude of the candidate! you can use phrases like ” I am lucky to have a student like <name> who lead his solar project team and eventually stood first”

– Better include your contact details at the end as it makes the lor more original and genuine!

– Do not forgot to include the recommendation at the end

LOR sample: Augusto is a professor at an engineering college and John was his student few years ago!

To whomever it may concern

I am delighted to write this lor on behalf of  John, whom i have known for 5 years. John requested me to write an lor for him and i believe it is my pleasureI met John when I was taking my first class for the new computer science batch in 2005!  I usually ask my students a few basic questions on computers during the first class and i am surprised as John answered the most complex question I asked that day and this made me remember him for life! Not just that, he stood as one of the class toppers and topped computer networks, the subject I tought.  His thinking is out of box and i am still researching on one of the questions he asked me during practicals. He coded a multi chat application using his networking and coding skills and i am delighted to say that the project is implemented in our own college.  Interestingly,  John is one such student who is still in contact with me after 5 years and who takes suggestions from me regarding his career and future.  I would strongly recommend John for graduate admission in your University and I believe he is going to enhance his technical skills and stands out as one of the best students in terms of everything!Sincerly,Augusto,Head of Department- CS,Stanley College of Engineering, UK

This is a sample LOR and please do not copy paste it! This lor is just for referencehope you liked the post! Please find some of our most read and liked posts here

University Financial Aid – fee waivers, scholarships and assistantships!

University financial aid needs no introduction! Financial aid is the major factor that haunts ms in us aspirants as the cost of living in USA is higher than many other countries and without financial aid, it is rather impossible for most of the students to pursue masters in USA!

How to get university financial aid:

-First and foremost, students must mention the need for financial aid while filling the application form.

– You need to have a splendid academic track record

– You should have reasonably good scores in GRE or other entrance exams

– If you have teaching experience, you have good chances of getting assistantships

–  A research experience is a plus

– Last but not the least, you need to have good SOP and LOR’s

The major financial aid sources are

Education Loans:

There are again two types of education loans – bank loans and trust loans. Bank loans are usually associated with number of rules and regulations and a percentage of the amount has to be beard by the candidate. Repayment starts after 6 months of the course completion or after the candidate gets a job- whichever is earlier. Trust loans are those from trusts that have comparatively less rates of interest and most of the people are unaware of that. Some of the trusts include J.N. Tata Endowment, K.C. Mahindra Education Trust, K.C. Mahindra Education Trust, R.D. Sethna Scholarship Fund, Sahu Jain Trust etc


Many fellowships are available for international merit students. Few of them include Aga Khan Foundation, Inlaks Scholarships, AT&T Leadership Awards , Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarships and ITC Scholarships. Scholarships or fellowships are awarded based on candidates academics and performance.

Tution waivers:

Those who get tution waivers are ultra lucky as they do not need to pay the tution fee and need to pay only the general fee for facilities like sports, library etc. This is also associated with the merit of the student


Assistantship is a cash stipend that lets a student earn enough for his/her expenses The student who gets assistantship works for about 20 hours a week and this is the maximum. The work is either teaching or research. The information can be obtained from university brochures. You need to prove yourself to get assistantships. Prove that you have the teacher in you and you are interested in research during first semester and impress you professors. You will get assistantship for sure!

Teacher Assistantship- Significance and tips to obtain one

If you haven’t received financial aid or fee waivers, then the best source to pay your graduate tution fee is through teacher assistantship. As the name indicates, teacher assistantship is something where you work under a professor and assist him in research and teaching.  The average duration of  TA is 20 hours a week. It is very much required to plan to get a TA as the competition is very high and you need to impress the professors with your teaching skills.

How to get a teaching assistantship?

–          You should have already completed that particular course in your previous semester or in under graduate study

–           The class level that you have taken must be higher than that of the one you are going to teach

–          You must have an A or A+ grade in the previous semester where you have taken the course

–          If you have any publications in the same course, chances are more

–          You must have good academic track record and must have scored high in the particular course if you are planning to apply for TA as soon as you join

–          If you have teaching work experience either in states or in your home country, you are preferred

–          Talk to your seniors  who got teacher assistantships and take tips from them

–          Impress your professors  by talking about your research experience and academic excellence via email

–          You must have done splendid project during your final semester in under graduation to please the professors – projects like library management, railway reservation that are done by majority of the students might not help

Do not bang the professors asking them to help you in getting teacher assistantships. Introduce yourself and your work in the first set of mails and gradually you can request them. Socializing  with your professor has to be done with utmost care. You can get the email id’s of professors in the university website

These are few tips that might help you in getting a teacher assistantship! You may also undergo assistant teacher training if you are really eager to get the assistantship.

Grad school – Definition, Types, Programs, Admissions and Funding

A grad school is a university/institution that is associated with professional and advances degrees like masters in science, masters in business administration or PhD. A grad school is for one who has completed his/her under graduation from a recognized school.

Since graduate school offers professional degrees, the main emphasis is on research. This is the base component here and grad students are completely focused on their chosen career. The graduate students are referred to as post graduates in certain countries like United Kingdom and India.

The admission process is similar in most of the grad schools as far as the same program is considered but the admission requirements vary drastically with the type of school, reputation and the course. Top schools usually ask for consistent and rewarding academic track record, good percentile scores in the international entrance examinations like GRE, TOEFL or GMAT. The other factors that determine the admission chances are statement of purpose ‘s and letters or recommendation from established people in the field. Past research activities and technical presentations increase the chances of grad school admission. For international students, TOEFL score is a must and the requirements varies with school. Some people do apply for non degree which implies that don’t formally get a degree but learn things.

Most of the students get funding in the form of stipend and tution waivers. Good thing is the stipends are on a rise in many Universities due to reasons like pressure from students and the obvious reason competition from other Universities. Also the Universities mostly sponsor for trips related to education and conferences. There are also associations like NSF, NIH and other mission agencies that grant funds based on the candidate and discipline! Those who are into natural sciences find it easy to get funding compared to those who are into others like humanities or social sciences that are theory oriented. Also, domestic students have more chances to get funding as certain things like work study assistance are not available easily to international students. Students of few courses like MBA join graduate employee unions or labor unions that are started by students themselves. This is required as they have fewer chances for paid teaching and assistantships.

If you are an masters of science aspirant, the following post lists the grad schools that you can get incase if you have taken the GRE test. These scores are reported as per the old GRE pattern and we will update it once the new GRE begins!

Distance Learning Education Courses- Is it for me?

Distance Education, as the name implies is a course/degree that a student gets while maintaining distance with the instructor- confusing? Well, we meant to say that it is a course that you complete without actually attending on campus classes.

Distance education has been under implementation since several years in the form of tapes, telephone conferences etc. As the internet emerged as the strongest way of communication, distance education in the form of online learning’s or online education has come into picture. Distance education courses, also referred to as correspondence courses require instructional techniques that are very detailed and understandable as you are not directly interacting with your professor.

Coming to the age factor, this is very good for those having age more than 25 who are already engaged in some work. Reason being, they can study for the course at whatever time they want and they are again on the safe side. What not? You stay at your own house, with your friends and parents. This makes it good for females especially those who are married. They can afford time for their children and household work while pursuing education at the same time.

Best US Universities for International Students

The rankings of Universities are done based on several factors like education quality, scores, image, selectivity, urbanization, extracurricular activities, sports etc.  One other important factor that needs to be considered is how good the University is for international students. Though an exact ranking cannot be determined, we have here a list of Universities that are considered pretty good for international students based on student experiences and acceptance rates.

As expected, American Universities top the list of Universities for international students.  More than 6 lakh international students pursue education in the United States every year and the number is still on a rise. Despite several strong attempts by UK and Australian Universities, American Universities still score the highest for their academic quality. UK stands second with morethan 3 lakh students graduating every year.

This is the list of Universities that are highly preferred by international students

–         University of Southern California

–         New York University

–         Columbia University

–         Purdue University

–         University of Texas

–         University of Florida

–         Harvard University

–         Boston University

–         University of Michigan

Despite recession during 2008- 2010, many international graduates from various countries migrated to USA for pursuing masters though the tution fee in USA is very expensive. However, there are many Universities that provide scholarships for international students and what not? fee waivers too.

What is a green card? How to apply for a green card in the USA?

Green card has several meanings and the most prominent one being the permanent residence associated with the United States of America. Formally referred to as Alien Registration Card, it is a proof stating that a person is a lawful permanent resident of the USA. It implies a green card holder has all the grants to enjoy the immigration benefits to live and work in the states.

Green card, which are really not green in color are issued by the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) initially. Later, BCIS that is a subsidiary of DHS took the position. For formal and clear understanding, the BCIS was later renamed to USCIS – U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services – the name does make sense now.

Those who are eighteen or above , who are permanent residents need to carry the Green card, failure of which would result in a fine of few dollars or imprisonment for a few days.

Green Card Format

A Green Card typically has 3 lines. The contents of the lines are as follows

First Line: This contains information related to the nature of residence (US resident or Canadian resident), issuing country, alien number, receipt number and case number.

Second Line:  This contains the personal details of the holder that include birth date, gender , country and expiration date of the card

Third Line:  The name of the applicant is present in this line. Also, the names of parents are included here.

How to apply for a Green Card

You need to submit the green card application online to the US Department of State. This is free of cost and the form can be filled with ease. Bear in mind that your application will be rejected if you are submitting the form twice or more with the same details.  Fill it very carefully as many rejections are made only due to silly reasons that people make during the application process.

You need to apply in the period defined by the government which is usually from second week of November to December or January. After online forms are introduced, paper submissions are not being accepted. The general details that the application form contains include your name, family names, gender, birth details, contact details and martial status. You also need to submit a latest photograph of yours

The application form requires you to submit the following details: Full name, including last/family name, first and under 21. A recent photograph is also required. You will upload the photograph when you submit the form. See below for technical requirements for the photograph file.

If you are not native to an eligible country, you might fill a “Country of Eligibility” instead. This field allows you to claim nativity and thus country of eligibility of your spouse or parent. You must provide a conscise indication of such claim on the form.

If relevant, spouse and children information must be submitted with the same sort of details as the applicant’s: full name, date and place of birth, gender, and photograph. See below for details on submitting information on your children with the technical specifications mentiond.

Certificates to be taken along with you – Masters in USA

As per my knowledge, the following are the certificates required to be taken along with you while going to Masters in USA

1. Degree and Provisional Certificates
2. Individual and Consolidated mark sheets
3. 10th and +2 certificates
4. GRE and TOEFL mark sheets
5. Recommendation letters from your HOD and atleast 2 department professors
6. Your SOP (Statement of Purpose)
7. Bank Statement (No joint accounts as far as I know)
8. Affidavit of Support
9. Your Passport
10. Few photographs
11. Your Resume
12. Experience letter( if there is gap of more than 6 months) – depends on University requirements.

These are the mandatory certificates to be carried along. Please update the thread if you have any comments or constraints

F1 Visa – Process, rules, work, status, employement, OPT/CPT

This article is all about F1 Visa or student visa that international students have to obtain to pursue masters in the united states of America. Before applying for F1-visa, the student must have obtained an i-20 from the SEVP certified school.

2 important facts about F1 VISA or student visa

– The consulates can issue your student or f1 visa within 120 days or less before the start of the study course

– The student must enter the United States before 30 days or less of the start of the course. This is the report date specified in the i-20

Student Visa / f1 visa Requirements

– Should have a valid residence abroad preferably permanent

– Proof that the student will be leaving US after the completion of the course

– Must have enough funds to support his/her course

F1 visa required documents

You need to get the common documents like I20, gre score reports, bank statements, loan approval forms, degree certificates, admission letter, passport, photograph and form DS-160

A student is eligible to reside in USA with f1 visa as long as he/she is a full time student. After he//she completes the course and other optional trainings, the student can stay for an additional period of 60 days as per the law

Top 20 Universities for Environmental Engineering

1University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign
2Massachusetts Institute of Technology
3University of California–Berkeley
4Stanford University (CA)
5University of Texas–Austin
6Georgia Institute of Technology
7Purdue University–West Lafayette (IN)
8University of Michigan–Ann Arbor
9Cornell University (NY)
10California Institute of Technology
11Texas A&M University–College Station
12Northwestern University (IL)
13Virginia Tech
14Carnegie Mellon University (PA)
15University of Washington
16Penn State University–University Park
17University of Minnesota–Twin Cities
18University of Wisconsin–Madison
19University of Colorado–Boulder
20Princeton University (NJ)

22Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY)

Top Universities in Industrial Production, Manufacturing Engineering

1Georgia Institute of Technology
2University of Michigan–Ann Arbor
3Purdue University–West Lafayette (IN)
4University of California–Berkeley
5Penn State University–University Park
6Texas A&M University–College Station
7Stanford University (CA)
8University of Wisconsin–Madison
9Northwestern University (IL)
10Virginia Tech
11University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign
12Cornell University (NY)
13Massachusetts Institute of Technology
14Ohio State University
15North Carolina State University
16Columbia University (Fu Foundation) (NY)
17Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY)
18Arizona State University
19University of Texas–Austin
20University of Florida