Infosys employee at Pune is tested positive for the Covid-19. Panic around the tech park.

An employee from Pune who is working at Infosys is tested positive for the Corona Virus test. With this incident, Infosys is said to be working with health authorities on contact tracing.

Police have arrived at the site at Hinjewadi and Magarpatta Tech parks already twice last week. In these tech parks, IT and ITes companies co-exist and work together. Most of the employees are working from home but some are needed at Tech Park. They had to stay and work from the office.

After allowing its employees to work from home, Infosys has reported a positive case for Covid-19 on Sunday. This case was at Hinjewadi IT park phase-2. The previous week, an employee from Magarpatta tech park became suspect for the test and created panic across the tech park which led to the closing of the offices in that tech park. These two major tech parks in Pune employs about 5 lakh people.

Infosys is reportedly working on SDB 1, SBD 4 and FC 1 for fumigation and sanitization of the campus and its employees. The company statement said that Infosys has confirmed a positive case in one of its tech parks. They even asked their employees to maintain self-quarantine and monitor their health regularly.

While some of the companies are allowing their employees to work from home in the tech parks, some other companies are not allowing their employees to do so in IT parks located in Magarpatta, Hinjewadi, Yerwada, etc.

Mr.Pawanjeet Mane, President of Federation of IT employees of Pune has said that most of the IT companies are not being honest about how many numbers of employees are currently working at the campus and they are giving wrong stats to police and government authorities about this. He also said they reached out to the district collector and the police to make sure all the companies follow the guidelines set by the government.

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PM Modi has a message for India Inc. “Do not cut jobs during the coronavirus crisis”

On Monday, via video conferencing, Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi has interacted with the industry representatives from ASSOCHAM, FICCI, CII, and several other local chambers across 18 cities in the country. The main reason for this video conferencing is the lockdown across the country in various states. PM Modi has discussed the economical crisis the country is facing and asked all the companies to allow its employees to work from home. He also asked the industry people to not cut any jobs during this tough period.

He also said, the corona has impacted the world more than the world wars and we need to be as alert as possible to control its spread. According to him, the informal sector is the one which is affected the most and will lead to the economic downfall of the country. Various sectors like travel, hospitality, construction, hotel management, small businesses have been hit very hard by this pandemic.

During the meeting, it was also discussed how these industries that are affected, can overcome with the help of financial and fiscal assistance. PM Modi asked the pharma industry to create RNA testing kits for COVID-19 on an emergency basis.

He also said black marketing should be prevented in the current situation. Also, he said the industries should follow “Swachhta”( cleanliness ) and follow the medical advice given by the experts. He concluded the meeting saying that social distancing should be followed very strictly and is one of the main weapons currently in India’s arsenal.

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A new recharge introduced by Reliance Jio named ‘Work from Home pack’. Find the details here

After BSNL and ACT broadband initiated a new work from home data plan, Reliance Jio also joined them and introduced a special plan aiming at the people who are working from home during this pandemic time. The coronavirus epidemic is increasing day by day. Due to this many IT companies are asking their employees to work from home. To ease the work from process companies like BSNL, ACT, and JIO have introduced plans targeting these individuals.

BSNL introduced a pack wherein individuals who have a landline can access free internet up to 5GB. ACT Broadband introduced a plan which offers unlimited data at 300Mbps speed until March 31, 2020. Now, Reliance has introduced an Rs.251 plan. As part of this plan, the users will get 2GB per day. This plan is valid for 51 days. This plan doesn’t include calling or SMS benefits. A total of 120GB is available to users under this plan. Users will get highspeed internet access until 120GB. After that, they can still access the internet with 64kbps. This reduced speed data doesn’t have any restrictions. It is unlimited.

Recently, JIO has double the benefits of Rs.11, Rs.21, Rs.51, Rs.101 plans by increasing the data two times the initial.

The Rs.11 pack now comes with 800MB of data(previously 400MB) and 75 mins of calling benefits from Jio to other networks. Rs.21 plan offers 2GB data along with 200 mins of Jio to other networks. Rs.51 is the booster pack which offers 6GB(previously 3GB) and 1000 mins of calling from Jio to other networks.

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Amazon is hiring for 1,00,000 roles to provide support during this pandemic. Check out how to apply

During this pandemic of COVID-19, Amazon is planning to deliver critical supplies to the people who are in need of them, directly to their doorstep. As the demand increases day by day, the need for more labor is also essential. To handle this, Amazon is planning to hire 1,00,000 candidates in the US to its fulfillment centers and delivery network.

Amazon is welcoming the people who are economically hit during this crisis and lost their jobs like restaurant waiters, travel guides, etc to participate in this job hiring. Amazon wants these people to work for them until their original employer hires them back.

Also, along with these 1,00,000 people, Amazon wants to recognize its staff who actively participate during this crisis. In the US, Amazon is planning to increase the pay by USD 2$ per hour from the exisitng rate of 15$ per hour. Based on the region, the pay hike will be enabled. For Canada, it is 2C$, Β£2 per hour in the UK, and around €2 per hour in most of the European nations. To enable this until April, Amazon is investing around $350 million to handle this extra compensation.

Amazon is making sure health and safety is an important criterion for all its employees. It is planning to consult medical and health experts to maintain safety. It is taking recommended measures inside its buildings, warehouses, and stores. Also, social distancing is being practiced in its workplaces.

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Why is it super important to participate in Janata Curfew

With suspected people escaping quarantines, with celebrities who tested positive attending parties and travelers hiding travel history , community spread is inevitable in India or it must have happened already. 

“It just takes one simple mistake to spread the virus like wildfire”

But, there is a super easy way to stop the virus from spreading. Just stay at home, encourage everyone around you including your friends, relatives, maids, drivers and servants to stay at home and keep washing your hands.  Listen to music, play games, watch movies but do not go out until it is an emergency. Taking part in Janata Curfew could help in breaking the virus chain to some extent, create awareness and prepare us for tomorrow. Let’s work together to wipe the virus out from India. 

Offices in Mumbai to be closed till March 31. The tally increases to 247 in India

In Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, UP, Punjab, and Bengal new Corona cases were reported. Due to the increase, PM Narendra Modi has requested for JanataCurfew (People Curfew) on March 22

The whole tally in the country has increased to 247 due to new cases being reporting in almost every part of the country. The new cases were 32 foreign nationals and 5 deaths are from Maharashtra, Delhi, Karnataka, Punjab. An Italian student who recovered from Coronavirus is dead due to cardiac arrest. The patient was a heart and lung patient who has recovered from Covid-19. The offices will remain close in Mumbai until March 31 as a precautionary measure. This date might be extended if the situation becomes worse.

A person who has a recent travel history to the UK has been reported to have corona. The second case for today has been reported from West Bengal. In Andhra Pradesh, a man traveling back from Saudi to Vizag has been reported to be tested positive for corona.

In Punjab, a woman who is residing in phase-3, Mohali, has been tested positive for the virus. Several other states like Gujarat, Punjab, Rajasthan has seen an increase in the number of cases. The total count in the country is at 247 cases. The number of people who are affected due to corona is at 10 in Ladakh and 4 in J&K.

In the 30 min broadcast, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked the people of India to stay at home during the coming Sunday from 7 am to 9 pm. He also said people should opt for work from home and reduce the contact with each other. He also said the World War 1 and 2 didn’t impact the world as much as Corona did. He concluded by saying people should stop panic buying.

No International Flights will leave the country with passengers of India or foreign citizens this week. Vistara has said it will operate 7 flights from Delhi to Katmandu and Singapore from March 20 to March 22 by prioritizing the customer convenience.

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This Indian state is planning to take care of its workers by paying the compensation during the times of Coronavirus

The Indian state Uttar Pradesh has promised its daily waged and poor workers to pay their payment for the money they lost due to the coronavirus. The officials in the north UP started counting the number of workers/qualifying citizens.

Currently UP is the state in the country with the highest population of 200 million people, and also one of the poorest in the country. But it is also the first state to pay its daily wage workers through online payments.

A labor official said that they are counting the number of vegetable vendors, rickshaw pullers, construction workers, auto drivers, and temporary staff of the shops. The government is looking to gather all the data related to the workers such as bank account numbers, proofs, etc.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused around 16 confirmed cases in the UP state and 151 from overall India. These numbers are the minimum across all of Asia, Europe, and North America. But some of the experts claim that these small numbers are due to the less testing being carried out in the country. Also, they said that the Indian medical system may not has the infrastructure to handle if the impact due to the pandemic is high.

In UP, around 30% of the population live below the poverty line and are living with a minimum wage of less than 2$ a day to survive, according to the data of the World Bank and the Indian Government. Mr.Sanjiv Mittal, the state’s secretary of finance has said that the government is planning a scheme to take care of the minimum wage workers.

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Apply online for 35 Operator, Technical Assistant and other posts at Keltron.

Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation Limited (KELTRON) has invited candidates to apply for Operator, Technical Assistant, and other posts. Interested applicants can apply

Job Details:
Last Date: March 30
City: Thiruvananthapuram
State: Kerala
Educational Qualification: Graduation/Post Graduation

Eligibility criteria:
Java Developer: M. Tech with 60% marks/ BE/B.Tech with 60% marks.
Senior Engineer: BE/B Tech (EEE/ECE) with MBA (Finance/Marketing) with 60% marks.
Senior Engineer/Engineer: M. Tech with 60% marks or BE/B.Tech with 60% marks.
Engineer: BE/B.Tech with 60% marks.
Technical Assistant: Three years of full-time Diploma with 60% marks.
Operator: ITI with 60% marks.

Interested candidates can send their application online in the prescribed format by March 30. Only online applications are accepted. The written test will be conducted

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Anand Mahindra wants the Indian government to bring India Inc. for testing

Recently, Anand Mahindra has appreciated the government of India for doing a good job in crisis management.

In India, the cases due to COVID is around 152. Anand Mahindra has made a suggestion to the government on Twitter. India contains around 52 medical research facilities for testing the COVID virus. Anand Mahindra believes the testing done by Indians can be considered as Achilles heel. He also said that any support from the private sector is needed to begin the testing and increase our capacity.

He said that these tough times bring in opportunities and review status. Also, he feels that the business should be ready whenever the crisis is over. He feels that the young associates in the company should think of new ideas to solicit the business. He also added the business should ready to take a U-turn or V-turn if it has to be started earlier. This can be achieved by the associates having deeper relations with the customers.

The global economy is also in downfall with Corona declared as a pandemic. It has killed over 6000 people and infected lakhs of people across the globe.

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Beware! More than 50% of jobs in America are at risk

The US economy is collapsing due to coronavirus. The problem is deeper than it appears. The effect of coronavirus on small scale companies is very harsh. Small scale companies like food trucks are getting affected a lot due to the work from the home mandate. Not only just the food trucks, but the total food business is also getting affected. Even after the coronavirus prevention, the economy will take years to recover.

Along with food trucks, amusement parks, hotels, sporting events, and airlines are also affected due to coronavirus. Several other job areas like baby sitters, dry cleaners, dog walkers, etc are also some of the people who are affected by corona. These are the services that are no longer needed by the people.

According to Moody’s analytics, around 80 million jobs in the USA are under medium or high risk. There are a total of 153 million jobs in the USA, currently, which is more than 80 million which is half of it. This doesn’t mean all the jobs will be jobs, but around 10 million job holders will be affected.

Moody’s Analytics has said that out of the 80 million jobs, 27 million jobs are at high risk. These 27 million, mostly belong to travel, transport, leisure, and hospitality. Of these, 5 million people which is 20% of the total will be the ones that are affected the most. Employees belonging to areas like retail, manufacturing, construction. education is at moderate risk due to coronavirus.

During the great recession, the USA lost 800,000 jobs in 2009. Currently, the impact due to corona is bigger than that.

Finding a new job during this time is very difficult. According to a weekly survey of Moody’s analytics across 350 businesses, the hiring rate during December 2019 is 41%. This number has reduced greatly to 12% currently. Health care companies are looking for help but the other companies are opting for hiring freeze.

The bigger companies are not looking to fire any of its employees easily than it used to do before. They are clear of the current situation and do not want to make changes. But the situation is out of their control for small businesses. Even if the corona situation comes under control it will take a long time for all the companies and economies to recover and reach its actual level. So, leaving a job during this crisis time is the worst decision one can make and also companies do not want to lose them.

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