Infosys’s 33% staff to WFH permanently in the future

Infosys says that 33% of its staff will WFH permanently, in the future. Once the situation improves, 50% of its employees will start coming to offices. Rest of all will continue to work from home

Infosys's 33% staff to WFH permanently in the future

Gradually, Infosys looks to maintain 66% of people working from offices and 33% working from home. This might be a permanent work model for Infosys in the near future. The executive vice president and head HR of Infosys Richard Lobo announced this plan

Also, Infosys wants to rotate the people who are part of work from home. Not always the same set of people will work from home and it keeps on rotating.

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According to the current numbers, if 33% of the employees will start working from home it will be around 80,000 people. These are the ones who will work from home permanently.

Infosys did not commit any timeline to implement this plan. Mr.Lobo believes the timeline for implementation entirely depends on the Covid-19 recovery

Infosys believes that this work from the home model is not that tough to implement and many companies have already successfully done it. Also during the corona lockdown, this implementation is done by several companies

After the Q4 results, Infosys’s COO announced this same thing. He reiterates that there is no decrease in productivity during the lockdown, even though most of the employees are working from home

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Earlier, TCS announced that by 2025, 3/4th of its workforce will work from home permanently.

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Salaries are cut and increments are canceled by Tech Mahindra. But jobs are safe

One of India’s biggest IT service provider Tech Mahindra has released a statement saying that due to the corona lockdown all the promotions and bonuses are put on hold for now. This is due to the lack of revenue since the start of the lockdown. TechMahindra has reported a huge loss of 29% in revenue.

On the brighter side, Tech Mahindra has confirmed that no employee will be fired for now.

Yesterday, while announcing the financial results of the quarter, Tech Mahindra CEO has confirmed the same by saying they are canceling all the bonuses, hikes, and increments for this quarter. This is applicable to all employees of Tech Mahindra.

For senior and mid-level employees, there were undisclosed salary cuts. But for junior-level employees there were no salary cuts planned, Tech Mahindra CEO has confirmed. The situation for now at Tech Mahindra is that no employee is going to be fired. But in the future, depending on the revenue and number of projects at hand, some employees might be asked to leave the organization.

Tech Mahindra CEO has added that unless there is a situation where a complete line of business will be closed, there won’t be any firing of the employees.

Around 90% of the Tech Mahindra employees are currently working from home. The CEO while announcing the quarter results has described that this is a tough period for the company. The company has reportedly lost 29% of the consolidated profits in this quarter. Currently, there are around 1,25,236 employees working in Tech Mahindra which is 4.3% less than the previous quarter.

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