Tech Mahindra launches MHealthy to fight against COVID

Tech Mahindra launches MHealthy to fight against COVID. It is a solution to enable community safety and the workforce against COVID-19. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning for data-driven diagnostics.

Tech Mahindra launches MHealthy to fight against COVID

The company rolls out phase-wise screening across all of its India’s offices. It also plans to roll this all employees, customers, etc. MHealthy helps the company screen employees at regular times.

Also, this will help the company with data related to immunity status, comorbid conditions, etc.

This solution by Tech Mahindra not only does a risk assessment but also screens multiple factors that contribute to the risk. The key attributes of this solution are 96% accurate antibody test on a single platform.

This solution will connect the health providers with the employees of the company to track and monitor the health of the employee at regular intervals. This will also enable real-time dashboard with all the info

Also, audio/video consultation is also provided through this platform. The company wants to reduce the time and action in this way

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Oyo rooms staff will work from home permanently
30% of Tech Mahindra will soon WFH permanently

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Top vacancies in BlockChain at Accenture, IBM, and many more

Currently, India has the sixth-largest number of patents for blockchain according to a blockchain company named Hardfork. Blockchain developer is one of the top roles in 2020 according to a report by LinkedIn named ‘Emerging jobs 2020’

Some of the few skills required in Blockchain are Node.js, Smart Contract, Hyperledger, Solidity, etc.

As India has a huge number of patents in Blockchain, there is a high demand for quality talent in technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc.

A report named ‘Emerging jobs 2020’ stated that Blockchain developer will be one of the jobs in 2020. Also, it stated that India will be one of the top 3 countries to lead the world in Artificial Intelligence.

Some of the opportunities in various companies:

Position Business and Integration Architect Role
Location: Bangalore
Eligibility: Graduation in Computer Science from a recognized university
Experience: Not mentioned/specified
Link to apply:

JP Morgan:
Position: Full-stack Blockchain Software Engineer Associate
Location: Bangalore
Eligibility: Experience with OS like Linux, Ubuntu, and blockchain use case implementation.
Experience: Minimum of 5 years
Link to apply:

Position: Application Architect – Blockchain
Location: Bangalore
Eligibility: Experience with technologies like hyper ledger fabric, Corda, ethereum.
Experience: 12 years minimum
Link to apply:

Position: Crypto Economist
Location: New Delhi
Eligibility: Not specified
Experience: 3 years
Link to apply:

Nissan Motor Corp:
Position: Crypto Analyst
Location: Thiruvananthapuram
Eligibility: Security, IT or maths degree
Experience: Not specified
Link to apply:

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Annual Salaries for STEM jobs

February 28 is declared as National Science Day by the government to celebrate the discovery of the ‘Raman’ effect. Recently, a survey was conducted by the job portal Indeed, which says that professionals in the fields of science, analytics, coding, data, etc earn up to 16 lakh per annum. Also, it states that cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad retain and hire the maximum number of candidates in the country.

The National Science Foundation said that in the upcoming 10 years 80% of the jobs require good skills of maths and science.

The declaration of National Science Day is to make people contribute to science and its related fields. Some of the areas belonging to STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) has recently become popular in the last three years. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning are some of those fields that have witnessed a significant rise in the last few years.

February 28th is declared as National Science Day to celebrate Raman Effect

Average salaries for various STEM-related jobs:

  1. Java Developer – Rs.616,965 to 1,675,000
  2. Full Stack Developer – Rs.588,284 to Rs.1,599,000
  3. Front End Developer – Rs.588,284 to Rs.1,599,000
  4. Software Engineer – Rs.571,248 to Rs.1,596,000
  5. .NET developer – Rs.276,120 to Rs.732,000
  6. iOS developer – Rs.284,808 to Rs.708,000
  7. Android developer – Rs.243,312 to Rs.614,000
  8. Web developer – Rs.195,302 to Rs.574,000
  9. PHP developer – Rs.247,332 to 674,000

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3rd R&D Centre to be started in India by Microsoft. Lots of jobs are on the way

Microsoft is set to start it’s 3rd Research and Development center in India at Noida. This will create many job opportunities for engineers in the country.

Satya Nadella would be visiting the country soon and according to the Microsoft executives, this facility will be further transitioned into development centers like the ones currently present in Hyderabad and Bangalore. Microsoft’s expansion in India will be lead by this center, but the details to this are still fully not disclosed.

Managing director at Microsoft R&D, Mr. Rajiv Kumar said that Microsoft is looking to attract top engineering talent in the country. This R&D center will consist of engineering teams from various departments of Microsoft like Artificial Intelligence, Research Group, Cloud and Enterprise Group, and Experience & Devices Group.

This Noida center will also bring ‘Mixer’, Microsoft’s live streaming gaming platform to India. This will be the first center outside its headquarters at Redmond to have this platform.

Satya Nadella will visit the country in February, with the details, dates, places of the visit is still unknown. He will be addressing the customers, students, young achievers, entrepreneurs, and developers during his visit to the country.

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