Huawei lays off more than 50% of its staff in India

The Chinese Telecom company Huawei lays off more than 50% of its staff in India. This decision comes after the ban on Chinese goods in India. The company also reduces the revenue target for India by 50%

Huawei lays off more than 50% of its staff in India

The news came out that excluding the staff in research and development, the company is laying off around 60-70% of its India staff

The initial ban on the Chinese apps in India comes after news broke out that 20 Indian soldiers were killed by the Chinese Army in the Himalayas. This resulted in loss of revenue for almost all the Chinese companies affected.

Now, Huawei lays off more than 50% of its staff in India.

Also, the Indian government tells two state-owned telecom companies to use locally made equipment for their 4G upgrade

No comment was made by Huawei on these layoffs

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Swiggy is planning to cut 1000 jobs

The food delivery startup Swiggy is planning to cut around 1000 jobs mostly from its cloud kitchen division. In a statement, Swiggy said they are exploring various options to survive this bad phase and focus on the growth and profitability of the kitchen. It also said that this could impact the staff of the kitchen. According to a LinkedIn survey, the company employs about 12,000 of its staff.

But Swiggy did not announce the number of people it was going to layoff, but sources say that it might be close to 1000 jobs. The company is also looking to reduce its monthly burn rate by $5 million compared to $20 million it spends on winning customers.

Swiggy has raised an overall of $1.46 billion as of now, which includes $156 million from an ongoing series fundraising this year. Swiggy competes with Zomato which is backed by ANT Financial. Zomato is also planning to raise $500 million this year by mid-May.

India’s food delivery market is currently valued at $4 billion, according to the research by RedSeer. This market has mostly become a Duopoly since Food panda and Uber couldn’t compete with these existing companies.

The lockdown which happened last month has turned out to be a difficult one for these firms with less than 1 million orders placed from these apps. Usually, it would be around 3 million orders per month. Experts also say that these companies should subsidize the cost of the items, if not most of the customers cannot afford it.

Last year both Zomato and Swiggy have explored other options to increase their revenue. Swiggy has invested a lot in the cloud kitchen which allowed the restaurants to open several branches with very little investment. Last year, it was announced that Swiggy has opened around 1000 cloud kitchens, which is more than any of its rivals. To achieve this, it has invested in more than 1 million square feet of area in 14 cities across the country in the last two years.

Currently, in the lockdown both Swiggy and Zomato, are delivering groceries and other necessary items to their customers.

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