Delhi government launches a job portal to create job opportunities

Under the leadership of Kejriwal, the Delhi government launches a job portal to create job opportunities. This job portal is aimed at people who lost jobs in this lockdown.

Delhi government launches a job portal to create job opportunities

The government names the website as ‘ Rozgar Bazar’. This website can be used by candidates who are seeking jobs and also employers who want to recruit.

On Twitter, Mr.Kejriwal announced the launch of the website and hopeful that it helps the people get jobs. He also adds that this will boost the economy of the state and the country.

At the press conference, Mr. Kejriwal says that job seekers can update their profile on the website and recruiters can add options regarding qualifications and other requirements.

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He also says that this is a big step towards reducing the gap between job seekers and recruiters. He further requested all the migrant workers to come back to Delhi as the situation becomes more and more stable day by day

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A fake job promising Ayushman Yojana website has been busted by the Delhi police

In Delhi, a fake website that promises that it will provide jobs to the people has been busted recently by the cybercrime unit of Delhi police. This website is targeting innocent citizens by promising jobs.

The official twitter handle of Delhi police has issued a statement that this fake job promising website has said that over 5100 jobs are available. Some of them are related to ward boys, nurses, etc. It is also said that this website had also taken money for registration purposes

The website has been following this process. At first, the website will ask the citizens to register for jobs like nurses, ward boys, etc. While registering it will ask for the deposit of money. According to the police, this fake website gang has cheated over thousands of citizens across 6 different states.

Earlier, the news of this website being fake has already been revealed by the PIB Fact check twitter handle. At that time, a Whatsapp message is being circulated heavily stating that this website is the official website of Ayushman Bharat Yojana. Soon PIB Fact check has come into the picture and busted this fake news. Reference to this old tweet below

The official website for the Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana is

Also, here are some of the tips to identify a fake job offering website
1. No one will ask you to deposit money for jobs
2. Check if the source is genuine either in Google or Twitter
3. Ask people in public forums or closed groups about the service or a website. Asking is not wrong.
4. Do not follow any Whatsapp message blindly and stop clicking on every link you receive. Check the credibility in Google before taking any action.
5. Look for the forwarded message tag on the message in Whatsapp. It means that the sender did not just create the message, he even received it from some other person. Ask the person for the credibility.
6. If you find it suspicious, report it, and block the sender if the person is unknown to you. Report him as well.

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Soon Delhi government will announce its plan to generate jobs in the state

Delhi government is planning to launch a special program in the upcoming week to help the job seekers in the state by bringing the employers in the city to generate job offers.

An official of AAP recently disclosed that the government will soon come up with reforms to restore the state’s economy which has been altered due to the widespread of coronavirus since the start of March 2020

Earlier this month, the Lt. Governor Anil Baijal had addressed the chief minister of Delhi, Mr.Kejriwal suggesting him to create a panel consisting of the industries commissioner in order to come up with the measures which could help people and businesses of the state. He also requested the CM to give special focus to the daily workers and improve their situation who are greatly affected due to coronavirus

The daily workers have moved out of Delhi due to the corona impact and most of them have already lost jobs. The government is planning to help the daily laborers by creating a portal where the employer can hire the workers

The government said that the plans to release the web portal are set to next week or later this week. The government is optimistic about this plan, as many industries are looking to restart their operations in a phased manner

Mr. Baijal had asked the government to also concentrate on attracting new investments into the state. Recently, TamilNadu had announced that it has agreed on deals with various big industries to set up manufacturing plants in their state. He also said that the sub-cities like Dwaraka, Narela, and Rohini can be developed by attracting various investors who are looking to establish their firms in the respective places.

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18% decline in Hiring in March. Delhi NCR is the most affected region.

In the month of March, across India, the hiring has been reduced by 18%. The most affected sectors are travel, airlines, hospitality, and retail industries which saw a decrease of 56% in offering new jobs. The job portal Naukri has compared this data with the previous year’s data and announced these results.

50% decline in hiring in the retail sector, followed by 38% in auto/ancillary, 28% in pharma, 11% in insurance, 10% in accounting/finance, 9% in IT and BFSI. This is according to the ‘Naukri job speak index’. The first 20 days of March have seen just a 5% decrease in hiring. Due to the lockdown, the overall hiring decrease has been increased up to 18%.

The hiring activity has seen a little rise in January which is around 5.75%. There is no increase in February and March has seen a decline.

This decline is observed the most in metro cities. In Delhi, it is 26%, 24% in Chennai and 18% in Hyderabad. The pharma industry in Delhi has seen a massive dip of 66%.

The demand in these sectors has grown higher with 63% in hospitality, 28% in banking, 23% in accounting, and 22% in IT&Hardware. Overall the decline among all the experience levels has been observed. The most affected experience level group is people with over 13 years of experience. They have seen a decline of 29%, while 0-7 years experience group has seen a decline of 16%.

However, the white-collar industries such as IT, BPO/ITES, BFSI, etc have seen a lesser decrease in hiring during these tough times. New recruitments in restaurants, travel, marketing have seen a decline of 51%, 48%, 33% respectively.

Naukri spokesperson has said that this is a crucial time for all the learners to update their skillset and make great use of this situation.

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Offices in Mumbai to be closed till March 31. The tally increases to 247 in India

In Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, UP, Punjab, and Bengal new Corona cases were reported. Due to the increase, PM Narendra Modi has requested for JanataCurfew (People Curfew) on March 22

The whole tally in the country has increased to 247 due to new cases being reporting in almost every part of the country. The new cases were 32 foreign nationals and 5 deaths are from Maharashtra, Delhi, Karnataka, Punjab. An Italian student who recovered from Coronavirus is dead due to cardiac arrest. The patient was a heart and lung patient who has recovered from Covid-19. The offices will remain close in Mumbai until March 31 as a precautionary measure. This date might be extended if the situation becomes worse.

A person who has a recent travel history to the UK has been reported to have corona. The second case for today has been reported from West Bengal. In Andhra Pradesh, a man traveling back from Saudi to Vizag has been reported to be tested positive for corona.

In Punjab, a woman who is residing in phase-3, Mohali, has been tested positive for the virus. Several other states like Gujarat, Punjab, Rajasthan has seen an increase in the number of cases. The total count in the country is at 247 cases. The number of people who are affected due to corona is at 10 in Ladakh and 4 in J&K.

In the 30 min broadcast, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked the people of India to stay at home during the coming Sunday from 7 am to 9 pm. He also said people should opt for work from home and reduce the contact with each other. He also said the World War 1 and 2 didn’t impact the world as much as Corona did. He concluded by saying people should stop panic buying.

No International Flights will leave the country with passengers of India or foreign citizens this week. Vistara has said it will operate 7 flights from Delhi to Katmandu and Singapore from March 20 to March 22 by prioritizing the customer convenience.

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The new IT hub of India: Himachal

The beautiful state of Himachal is famous for its scenery, mountains, and hospitality. It also has good connectivity between different north Indian states and cities. With all this, the tourism rate is high in Himachal. Now, not only just tourism but Himachal is soon going to be an IT hub of the country.

The availability of several educational institutions and upcoming web-based startups is the main cause for Himachal to transform into an IT hub.

The situation is very different 10 years ago. The private sector IT jobs were very rare in the region at that time. With no availability of good institutions, the youth of the region had to migrate to various other cities of the country. This led to the development of the respective cities. Even for higher education, the students had to move out of Himachal to attain quality education. They moved to cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, and Bangalore.

Many cities in the state have good IT startups and educational institutions. Some of them are Mandi, Shimla, Dharmashala, Solan

The current situation around Himachal is that the nearby cities like Punjab, Haryana, and Uttarakhand have attained new IT companies. This led to an increase in IT in Himachal as well. There are several jobs available in the region as full-time, part-time, or freelancing. This changed the situation of the graduates from the region to go to the other states for employment.

Many well-recognized universities have been started in the region, which is another reason for the increase in job opportunities. Some of the cities in the Himachal state like Mandi, Shimla, Solan, Dharmashala are being recognized as educational hubs of the state.

Coming to the jobs, Shimla became very famous for its web design startups like Netgen IT solutions. These startups are also looking for candidates to fill several vacant positions. It has been 5 years since Netgen started in the Himachal. Along with job opportunities, Netgen also offers training related to IT jobs like graphic designers, content creators, app developers.

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One more! Flipkart is the latest company to offer work from home to its employees in Karnataka.

As coronavirus seems to impact the country a lot, Flipkart becomes the latest company to offer work from home to its employees to prevent the scarce. The employees are asked to work from home from Wednesday, especially the young parents who have children studying in fifth grade or below.

Flipkart also said that they are testing the load of the system if it can handle the traffic to enable uninterrupted remote work from home.

The Karnataka health department on Wednesday has advised all the companies to not send its employees overseas until this Corona scare comes to a conclusion. As of now, 4 people, out of which two belong to Dell Technologies Ltd and Mindtree Ltd. have tested positive for the COVID-19. Till now, a 76-year-old person from Kalaburagi in the Karnataka state has died. The government is conducting several tests to confirm its due to corona. If the tests show positive, this would be the first fatality in the country due to COVID-19.

Several other companies are also advising its employees to work from home and prevent the employees to travel outside of the country. Last week, Paytm has announced that all of its six companies will be closed for sanitizing purposes and has issued a two day leave for all the employees in the Gurgaon region after an employee tested positive.

Ed-tech startup Byju’s has said that it will give free access to its learning resources to all the students until April end. This announcement comes after the government advised all the schools to remain closed until the situation goes under control and protects students’ health.

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BSF Recruitment 2020. Check out how to apply

Border Security Force has issued a notification to fill 317 vacant posts for Group B & C Combatised posts for SI and HC in its Water Wing. The candidates should have passed at least 10th/12th with IT/Diploma Certificate to be eligible for these jobs

Job details:
Notification Release Date: February 15, 2020
Last Date of Submission: March 15, 2020
Organization: BSF
Location: New Delhi
Educational Qualification: Secondary, Senior Secondary
Age Limit: Between 20 and 28

The candidate should have a 10+2/Matriculation certificate along with a diploma in the respective trade. The candidates should belong to the age group of 20 to 28 while this doesn’t affect the SC/ST candidates.

Details of the vacancies:
Total Posts-317
SI (Master)-05
SI (Engine  Driver)-09
SI (Workshop)-03
HC (Master)-56
HC (Engine Driver)-68
Mechanic (Diesel/Petrol Engine)-07
AC Technician-02
CT (Crew)-160

Educational Qualification:
SI(Master) – 10+2/ Matriculation from a recognized board
SI(Engine Driver) – 10+2/ Matriculation from a recognized board
SI(Workshop) – Bachelor Degree in Mechanical
HC(Master) – Matriculation from a recognized board
HC(Engine Driver) – Matriculation from a recognized board
HC Workshop – Matriculation from a recognized board, a Diploma from Indian Training Institute in the respective trade.
CT(Crew) – Matriculation from a recognized board

Visit the website for more details

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Multiple companies like TCS, HCL are asking their employees to work from home to stop the spread of Corona Virus

India is the latest country to get affected by the killer ‘Corona virus’. The number of people affected seems to increase day by day. Due to this, top companies like Tech Mahindra, TCS, HCL are asking its employees to opt for Work from home. Along with these companies, several other companies are also asking their employees to work from home to stop spreading the virus.

Although the virus is severe and deadly, a lot of misinformation is being spread via social media which could mislead people. The employees of these companies have a lot of global exposure, opting for work from home might reduce the risk of getting affected by this virus.

TCS has stated that it has asked its employees in Italy to stay at home and work. Recently, a Delhi resident got affected by Corona after visiting Italy. He also infected 15 Italian people and an Indian along with him.

The companies are planning to provide all the support employees need and are also working closely with clients to take control of this dire situation.

Along with TCS, Tech Mahindra is also advising it’s employees to opt for work from home. Anand Mahindra, the CEO of Tech Mahindra has tweeted ” The crisis will pass, but I think it’s making the world press a permanent ‘Reset’ button. 1) It’ll accelerate working from home 2) lead to more digital ‘virtual’ conferences 3) More video calls, less meetings.4) Less air travel, leading to a greener footprint. Anything else?”

HCL has said that it has started a contingency plan in the areas that are affected by the Corona virus. To actively monitor the situation in the affected regions, HCL has formed a global task force and is taking the required actions to control the situation by providing full support to its employees.

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Graduates can apply for openings in Indian Forest Services. Check out how to apply.

On behalf of Indian Forest Services, Union Public Service Commission(UPSC) has issued a notification for the recruitment of candidates to fill the vacant posts. Candidates who recently finished Graduation or Masters in Zoology or related subject can apply for these vacant jobs. The last date to apply is March 3rd, 2020.

Details of vacant posts in Indian Forest Services are

Total Posts: 90
Location: Delhi
Age limit: Max-32 years. This has been set according to the rule fo the department
Salary: Salary will be according to the current rules of the department
Academic Qualification: Candidates should have completed Graduation or Masters in Zoology or related departments from a recognized institute.
Selection Process: Candidates will be selected on the basis of results from written test and performance in the interview
How to apply: Candidates can find all the details here, the official notification page

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Investment and creation of jobs: Trump’s agenda during India visit

America President Donald Trump is set to visit India this month. He will be visiting New Delhi during his tour to India. As part of his visit, he will be meeting executives from multiple large Indian companies to discuss investments and job creation.

Some of the industry executives who are about to attend the meeting are Reliance industries, Indian oil and gas company, Tata sons group. Auto sector companies such as Bharat Forge, Mahindra & Mahindra, Motherson also are expected to participate in the meeting. Executives from US will not be participating in this meeting.

The main agenda of Trump during his visit will be about investing and the creation of jobs in the country. Trump believes this will be crucial for his re-election later this year. Trump wants to acknowledge the Indian companies which are planning to or currently manufacturing in the USA, with the USA being a key part of Indian manufacturing.

Mahindra is planning to invest 1 billion dollars in the USA and planning to create American jobs. Bharat forge is also planning to invest 56 million dollars in North Carolina to set up a new plant. Tata group is one of the largest headquartered companies in the United States belonging to India, with 13 companies and more than 35,000 individuals.

However, the final list of all the participants who will be participating in the meeting is yet to be finalized.

During his visit, apart from this meeting with this industry executives Trump will also attend an event which will be held at a stadium in Gujarat. This will be a similar event to the ‘Howdy Modi ‘event which happened last year in Texas where both of the leaders of the nation made a joint appearance.

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