Tech Mahindra launches MHealthy to fight against COVID

Tech Mahindra launches MHealthy to fight against COVID. It is a solution to enable community safety and the workforce against COVID-19. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning for data-driven diagnostics.

Tech Mahindra launches MHealthy to fight against COVID

The company rolls out phase-wise screening across all of its India’s offices. It also plans to roll this all employees, customers, etc. MHealthy helps the company screen employees at regular times.

Also, this will help the company with data related to immunity status, comorbid conditions, etc.

This solution by Tech Mahindra not only does a risk assessment but also screens multiple factors that contribute to the risk. The key attributes of this solution are 96% accurate antibody test on a single platform.

This solution will connect the health providers with the employees of the company to track and monitor the health of the employee at regular intervals. This will also enable real-time dashboard with all the info

Also, audio/video consultation is also provided through this platform. The company wants to reduce the time and action in this way

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Oyo rooms staff will work from home permanently
30% of Tech Mahindra will soon WFH permanently

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Amazon India offices to extend the work from home till October

In India, with the widespread of the coronavirus, multiple phases of lockdown are being implemented. Due to this, almost all IT employees started to work from home. Currently, the country is in phase 3 of the lockdown. With this, the e-commerce giant Amazon in India has announced the extension of work from home to its employees until October.

In a statement, the Human Resouce Director, Deepthi Verma has said that the company’s main priority right now is to protect the employee and prioritize the health and also to follow the guidelines set by the government. The Director also said that employees whose work can be done from home can work from home till October 2.

The e-commerce rival to Amazon, Flipkart has said that the offices will be reopen in phases. Chief People Officer, Krishna Raghavan said that for those individuals who are working form the corporate offices in Bangalore, the company is looking to return to its offices in phases. Initially, it would be the teams who cannot work from home optimally given the limited resource in infrastructure.

Flipkart also said those expectant mothers, ill employees, employees who have young children or elderly parents at home, employees with underlying medical conditions should continue to work from home, or any remote location. For all those who are returning to offices, the company is taking several measures to control the spread of virus by enabling social distancing, etc.

Amazon India is also planning to take several measures like regular temperature checks, social distancing in all the office premises, deep cleaning, use of sanitizers to keep the employees who work from offices, safe. Around the globe, several tech giants like Google, Facebook have extended the option to work from home for their employees until the end of 2020.

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Follow these tips to work from home the correct way during this period.

Around the globe, the companies have asked their employees to work from home to control the spread of the virus. All the companies are taking certain measures like imposing a travel ban, canceling the meetings and advising its employees to opt for work from home.

For some of the employees, its a quite new experience to stay at home and work. So, here are some of the tips for all the candidates who are quite new to this experience. Caution: This may lead to an increase in productivity.

Dedicated Workspace: The utmost import task to enhance your work from home strength is arranging a dedicated workspace for yourself. This can be any place in your home with minimal disturbance. It should be far from your bed to enable you to be focused on the work. A small desk or a chair is the most preferred option than a sofa.

It is a real job: An important thing to keep in mind is that even though you are working from home with fewer meetings, this is a real job still. Take a bath and get ready before you start work. This will increase your productivity

Be Organised: To help you focus, set some daily goals to avoid working on Adhoc things. Some apps like Google Keep can help you set your goals for the day and stay focused. Use them wisely.

Communicate enough: Even though you are working away from your teammates and your manager, you should always be communicating with them to avoid confusion about the work. Phone call/Video call/IM’s are the best way to keep in touch with your teammates.

Be positive: With this spread of the virus, all the world is suffering. The newspapers and media are reporting bad news often. This will cause people to be in panic mode. Avoiding this negativity and staying positive can be of great for yourself. This will keep you happy and also motivated for your work

Health is the utmost priority: Last but not least but the most important of all is to maintain your health. Staying healthy is very essential these days. Maintain social distancing, stay at home during this lockdown to stop the cycle of the virus. The most important weapon in our hands to control the virus is staying at home. So follow this rule of staying at home strictly and let your friends, the family also stay at their respective houses. This will improve everyone’s health and stop the spreading of the virus.

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Amazon is hiring for 1,00,000 roles to provide support during this pandemic. Check out how to apply

During this pandemic of COVID-19, Amazon is planning to deliver critical supplies to the people who are in need of them, directly to their doorstep. As the demand increases day by day, the need for more labor is also essential. To handle this, Amazon is planning to hire 1,00,000 candidates in the US to its fulfillment centers and delivery network.

Amazon is welcoming the people who are economically hit during this crisis and lost their jobs like restaurant waiters, travel guides, etc to participate in this job hiring. Amazon wants these people to work for them until their original employer hires them back.

Also, along with these 1,00,000 people, Amazon wants to recognize its staff who actively participate during this crisis. In the US, Amazon is planning to increase the pay by USD 2$ per hour from the exisitng rate of 15$ per hour. Based on the region, the pay hike will be enabled. For Canada, it is 2C$, £2 per hour in the UK, and around €2 per hour in most of the European nations. To enable this until April, Amazon is investing around $350 million to handle this extra compensation.

Amazon is making sure health and safety is an important criterion for all its employees. It is planning to consult medical and health experts to maintain safety. It is taking recommended measures inside its buildings, warehouses, and stores. Also, social distancing is being practiced in its workplaces.

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