Immigrants choose Canada over the US

Toronto is becoming a new superpower as Immigrants choose Canada over the US. Due to the new immigration laws of the US, the silicon valley’s undisputed stand as the number one tech hub might be in danger

Immigrants choose Canada over the US

In the past few years, thousands of workers are moving to Toronto. This has helped the city become one of the fastest-growing tech hubs. Most of the immigrants are avoiding the US to escape from the rules made by the trump’s administration

Recently, Trump also announces the temporary suspension of US visas. These visas are issued annually to the migrant workers. Every year, the US allocates 85000 visas for foreign skilled workers.

This year with the temporary suspension, Trump’s administration also says that this is indirectly a threat to local job opportunities. Meanwhile, Canada is taking this opportunity to welcome people across the world.

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Since 2013, the number of jobs in Toronto is increased by 54%. Several Canadian companies are utilizing this opportunity very well. According to a study in 2016, 25% of the total workers in Canada are immigrant workers.

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A lawsuit filed against US Visa policy by 17 U.S States

Recently, Trump’s government declared that non-immigrant students with F-1 and M-1 visas, who are taking online classes are not eligible to stay in the country. To oppose that a lawsuit filed against the US Visa policy by 17 U.S States.

A lawsuit filed against US Visa policy by 17 U.S States

Along with these states, the District of Columbia also filed a lawsuit, stating that this decision is unlawful. This lawsuit filed in the US District Court in Massachusets says that this decision should be reversed

This new policy also affects the students who are taking non-online classes as well. This prohibits such students to not take more than one class. Also, it prohibits taking three credit hours online to stay in the country.

According to a report, there were around 194556 Indian students in various academic institutions in the US until January.

Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and Wisconsin are some of the states filed against this newly changed policy

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The Massachusets Attorney General says that Trump didn’t even try to explain this senseless change in the policy. This new policy also brings a dilemma for schools to select between keeping their international students enrolled or protecting the campus

Earlier, Harvard and MIT also filed against the policy that prevents students to stay in the country. Unless they take an in-person class, they should move out of the country.

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The UK extends the P.h.D. post-study visa.

It comes an exciting new from the UK government. The UK extends the P.h.D. post-study visa. This news will benefit the Indian students as the biggest group of international students

The UK extends Ph.D. post-study visa

The UK government also announces a more streamlined version of the visa process for the country. And also, the British government pledges to make job securing easy for international students.

According to these new changes, international students who complete P.h.D. from Summer 2021 can stay up to 3 years in the country and work. Also, the government believes that this will encourage the students to secure high skilled jobs and contribute to the economy

The government is also looking to add further improvements once the student route opens up in the UK point-based visa immigration system. Also, the government is looking to streamline the entire process.

Some of the changes are eliminating study time limits at the PG level and allowing students to switch to other types of visas anytime, anywhere within the UK, etc.

The government also expects that these new changes will improve the relationship between the UK and India. Hence, leading to strong research & education systems

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This also strengthens the existing systems like UKIERI and Newton Bhaba. The entities aim to drive academic links and research collaboration between the two countries.

These changes are believed to be part of the British government’s strategy. Ultimately leading to making the British a superpower in Science and Research.

The government also plans to add a new Office for talent in 10 Downing Street. This new office will consist of government officials across various departments. These officials aim to make the immigration smoother for scientists, researches, innovators, etc.

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Now engineers look at Canada after the US suspends visas
Which IT firm has the highest number of H1B employees?

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Now engineers look at Canada after the US suspends visas

Recently, US President Donald Trump decided to suspend all the new H1B visas and other work permits. Now the engineers look at Canada after the US suspends the visas. Canada has a more open policy for immigration.

Now engineers look at Canada after the US suspends visas

Canada’s staffing firms observed a huge surge in inquiries over the past few weeks. One of the CEO’s of a staffing firm says that the increase in the number of visits to the website and email queries are reportedly high over the past few weeks.

He also says that several companies are also inquiring about their own employees whose situation might be in trouble with the suspensions. Shortly after the US visa suspension is announced, the Immigration Minister of Canada responded to it.

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He says that Canada believes that immigration will help them recover better and quickly. He also adds that Canada has a plan to attract the best and brightest talent around the world. Canada also has express entry program and Global Talent Stream to help innovators, engineers, and entrepreneurs.

Canada is also very vocal about encouraging immigration. Earlier to COVID, Canada said that it would like to welcome around 1,00,000 people to become permanent residents of the country between 2020 and 2022. So, now engineers look at Canada after the US suspends visas

Out of the 74,000 permanent residents who came to Canada this year, 24% are Indians. In 2016, 39,705 Indians went to Canada as permanent residents. This number increased to 85,585 in 2019.

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Several companies are unhappy with Trump’s decision
Sundar Pichai disappointed with the visa ban

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Several companies are unhappy with Trump’s decision

US President Donal Trump suspends the issue of new H1B work visas in order to restrict the entry of foreign workers. This is also to create employment opportunities for locals. Several companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Paypal, Apple are unhappy with Trump’s decision

Apple, Google, Amazon, several companies are unhappy with Trump's decision

The visa suspension rule will come into effect from June 24 and will remain until the end of this year. This move is expected to open up around 525,000 jobs for US workers.

Here is how several companies and CEO’s reacted to this

Alphabet Inc’s Google:

The CEO of Alphabet Sundar Pichai tweeted his disappointment saying that Immigration contributes a lot to the development of the country and also Google. He also adds that the company will stand with the immigrants and expands opportunity for all
The chief of Youtube Susan Wojcicki says that Immigration is central to the America’s story and also their own family.
According to the stats by USCIS, Google received 2,678 approvals for H1B visas in 2019.

The company says that they oppose the Administration’s short-sighted decision to pause high-skill visa programs. Welcoming the best & the brightest global talent is critical to America’s economic recovery. They will continue to support these programs & efforts to protect the rights of immigrants
The company has the highest H1B approvals for the year 2019 which is 3026


Apple says that the nation always found strength in the diversity. The company also believes that there is no prosperity without both
1136 H1B visas are approved for Apple in 2019

Box Inc.:

The CEO of the company tweets that it is a bad policy and this doesn’t make America better
Box Inc. received 21 H1B visa approvals in 2019

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Facebook Inc.:

The company says that by keeping the talent outside of the country will not help recover the country. Also, the nation will benefit a lot if we promote the talented people from around the world
Facebook recieved 1518 visa approvals in 2019


President Brad Smith tweets that now is not the time to create uncertainity. Immigrants play a vital role at our company and support our country’s critical infrastructure. They are contributing to this country at a time when we need them most,
Microsoft recieved 1701 visa approvals in 2019


The CEO tweets that by creating these new restrictions for the immigrants who help this country is disappointing. This will slow down the progress of the nation
Paypal recieved 271 visa approvals in 2019


The CEO tweets that As we plan for recovery from the COVID-19 crisis let’s focus on common sense & fair immigration policies. H-1B workers should be treated with respect & dignity. They generate real innovation & growth . . . benefiting us all and fueling our economy. We embrace all our Ohana,
Salesforce recieved 267 visa approvals in 2019


“Very much disagree with this action. In my experience, these skillsets are net job creators. Visa reform makes sense, but this is too broad,” the CEO Elon Mush tweets
Tesla recieved 117 visa approvals in 2019

Along with these several companies, CEOs, analysts unhappy with Trump’s decision.

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Trump plans to sign restriction orders for the H1B visa

The US President Trump plans to sign restriction orders for the H1B visa. This is an executive order which restricts the issuing of new H1B, L1, and other temporary work permit visas. The main motive of this idea is to improve local employment in the USA

Trump plans to sign restriction orders for H1B visa

Trump believes, by this order, almost everyone in the country will be happy and would welcome this decision. Although he believes that they will always be a few exceptions.

The USA is having many unemployment problems right now. The unemployment rate in the country has risen rapidly due to the coronavirus pandemic. Hence, Trump plans to sign restriction orders for the H1B visa

This move impacts the foreign workers especially Indians who are already scheduled to move to the US from October 1, 2020, once they receive their approval orders. Indians contribute to 70% of 85,000 visas issued every year.

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Does this affect the current visa holders?

Analysts predict that this move might not affect the people who are already present in the USA currently. This move will affect US tech giants more than that of Indian tech companies. Indian companies started hiring local talent for the last few years opposite the US companies that rely mostly on foreign workers.

In the fiscal year 2019, seven of the top 10 companies that rely on H1B visas are US companies. According to the data from USCIS, the share of Indian companies in H1B visas dropped from 51% to 24% from 2016-19

The unemployment rate for Computer Science in the USA is dropped from 3% to 2.5% from January to May, this year. For other sectors, it increased from 4.1% to 13.5% in the same period.

Recently, in April, Trump signed an order tor restrict Green cards, and some resident permits for a period of 60 days.

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Trump’s government is planning to suspend immigration to protect American jobs

Recently, a few days earlier, the US government has allowed the applicants of H1B visas to stay in the country, on Tuesday President Donal Trump has announced the suspension of immigration into the country. He wrote in a Twitter post saying that in order to protect the country from an invisible enemy(coronavirus) and to protect the jobs of American citizens in the country, he is signing an executive order to temporarily suspend immigration to the country.

But the details were not known on when he will be signing the order. The H1B visa which is the most popular one among the Indian IT professionals belongs to the non-immigrant visa category. But according to the sources, these visas were also being targeted by Trump.

The USA has experienced massive layoffs. Around 22 million people have applied for unemployment benefits, as of last week.

The USA has been the most affected country in the world due to coronavirus. As of Tuesday morning, here are the statistics. The total cases were 792,759 and total deaths were 42,514. These total deaths were equal to the number of deaths by the next two countries combined (Italy and Spain).

The north and south borders were already closed by the USA which attracts a large number of immigrants.

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Breaking! India cancels all Visas until April 15

With the UN recognizing Corona outbreak as a pandemic, India cancels all of the visas of the foreigners till April 15. The existing foreigners will not be affected due to this. This rule will also exempt diplomats from other countries and also UN officials.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has said that all the visas being issued to any nationals will be suspended till April 15. The existing foreigners will need to contact the Foreigners Regional Registration Office(FRRO) or Foreigners Registration Office(FRO) through the e-FRRO module to extend the stay in the country or convert the visa.

This new rule will come into effect from 00:00 March 13. The Bureau of Immigration(BOI) has said that any foreign national who wants to travel to India with compelling reasons must contact the nearest Indian mission for visas. It also said that the Indian citizens arriving from various countries like China, Italy, Korea, Itan, France, Germany will be quarantined for 14 days before they are allowed to have any human contact. Also, International traffic through land borders will be screened with robust medical facilities.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has advised the Indian citizens residing in other countries to not travel to India unless its an emergency. Even if they travel they will be quarantined for 14 days.

On Wednesday, the WHO has confirmed the Corona outbreak as a pandemic. WHO has been assessing the situation across the world. “The spread of this virus is very alarming”, WHO said in its latest statement.

Over 100 countries are affected by this outbreak of the virus. It has impacted over 124,000 lives resulting in 4500 deaths. In India, over 60 people are tested positive to the Coronavirus. China is the country that is most affected by this virus with 80,000 confirmed cases and 3000 deaths in total.

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Does the new Federal regulation toughen the chance to get US Green Card?

On Monday, a new US Regulation was introduced which makes it more difficult for the immigrants to obtain Permanent Residency, aka Green Card.
This ‘public change’ will also be applicable for the extension of non-immigrant stay in the United States of America.

President Donald Trump’s office will start imposing this new rule after a month-long legal battle. Once this change is completely enforced, this will make the US immigration system tougher to obtain as several restrictions were levied on the candidate’s income, age, academics, etc.

Still, there are pending court appeals on this new change after the Supreme Court of the US lifted an injunction which was imposed by Illinois district court on Feb 21st. Earlier several injunctions were lifted off which were imposed by the district courts of Washington, New York, California, and Maryland.

This rule will not apply for immigrants who already possess a Green Card. This new law also made an exception for refugees and people looking to or has already been granted political asylum.

What do you think about this new change? Tell us in the comments.

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