Indian companies lack empathy: Ratan Tata

The head of Tata Group, Mr.Ratan Tata says that Indian companies lack empathy as they layoff employees in these pandemic times. He also says that it is a knee-jerk reaction to layoff employees

Indian companies lack empathy: Ratan Tata

In an interview, Mr.Ratan Tata says that the top leadership of these companies does not have empathy for its employees. In his own words “These are the employees who worked for you. These are the people who have served you all their careers. You send them out to live in the rain. Is that your definition of ethics when you treat your labor force that way?”

This pandemic has brought several losses to the Tata group. But still, these companies did not layoff any of its employees. Across the nation, several companies fired their employees due to lack of revenue

However, the salaries of the top officials at the Tata company are cut by 20%. Almost all the Tata group companies belonging to Airlines, Hotels, Finances, have incurred several losses

But they did not fire any of their employees till now. Mr. Ratan Tata says that if the company is not sensitive to its people, it cannot survive.

He further says that while everyone is chasing profits, if you are not ethical to your employees, there is no point. Business is not always about making money. Sometimes it’s about being ethical to your own employees

He also says that the important thing right now is to not shy away from making difficult decisions.

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Ratan Tata was asked about the thing he missed the most during this lockdown. His response was ” It’s not been yachts, manors, and huge estates. It’s been a wonderful experience of interacting with people who stand for the same ideas as you do… that’s something I’ve come to miss “

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Which IT firm has the highest number of H1B employees?

Recently, US President Donal Trump announced a ban on H1B visas and green cards, until the end of this year. This led to companies looking to hire local talent. Let’s see which IT firm has the highest number of H1B employees

Which IT firm has the highest number of H1B employees?

Currently, there are 76,649 Indian employees working in IT firms. This includes TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, HCL, etc.

The visa ban will not affect the current visa holders but it might lead to an increase in the rejection of the renewal rate. In 2016, the rejection rate is around 4%. It increased to 21% in 2021

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TCS is the largest holder of total employees compared to other Indian IT companies. The overall count is 54,874. Of the 40% are on visas and rest are local talent. In the visas segment, 90% are under H1B visas and rest are under L1 visas

Infosys has an overall strength of 36,228 employees working for them in the USA. Out of these, 21,737 are local staff. Just like TCS, Infosys also has 40% of the employees under visa

Cognizant also depends highly on the H1B visas. 50% of its workforce works under H1B visas. Of them, 90% are of H1B visa candidates and the rest are of L1 visas

Meanwhile, Wipro and HCL are less dependent on the visas. Only 35% of its staff work with visas. Of them, 90% are working under H1B visas and rest are L1 visa candidates.

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