Delhi government launches a job portal to create job opportunities

Under the leadership of Kejriwal, the Delhi government launches a job portal to create job opportunities. This job portal is aimed at people who lost jobs in this lockdown.

Delhi government launches a job portal to create job opportunities

The government names the website as ‘ Rozgar Bazar’. This website can be used by candidates who are seeking jobs and also employers who want to recruit.

On Twitter, Mr.Kejriwal announced the launch of the website and hopeful that it helps the people get jobs. He also adds that this will boost the economy of the state and the country.

At the press conference, Mr. Kejriwal says that job seekers can update their profile on the website and recruiters can add options regarding qualifications and other requirements.

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He also says that this is a big step towards reducing the gap between job seekers and recruiters. He further requested all the migrant workers to come back to Delhi as the situation becomes more and more stable day by day

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Soon Delhi government will announce its plan to generate jobs in the state

Delhi government is planning to launch a special program in the upcoming week to help the job seekers in the state by bringing the employers in the city to generate job offers.

An official of AAP recently disclosed that the government will soon come up with reforms to restore the state’s economy which has been altered due to the widespread of coronavirus since the start of March 2020

Earlier this month, the Lt. Governor Anil Baijal had addressed the chief minister of Delhi, Mr.Kejriwal suggesting him to create a panel consisting of the industries commissioner in order to come up with the measures which could help people and businesses of the state. He also requested the CM to give special focus to the daily workers and improve their situation who are greatly affected due to coronavirus

The daily workers have moved out of Delhi due to the corona impact and most of them have already lost jobs. The government is planning to help the daily laborers by creating a portal where the employer can hire the workers

The government said that the plans to release the web portal are set to next week or later this week. The government is optimistic about this plan, as many industries are looking to restart their operations in a phased manner

Mr. Baijal had asked the government to also concentrate on attracting new investments into the state. Recently, TamilNadu had announced that it has agreed on deals with various big industries to set up manufacturing plants in their state. He also said that the sub-cities like Dwaraka, Narela, and Rohini can be developed by attracting various investors who are looking to establish their firms in the respective places.

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