Apple may generate 55000 jobs in India

Apple may generate 55000 jobs in India by moving their manufacturing bases from China to India. This move will also add to the Make In India initiative.

Apple may generate 55000 jobs in India

According to the report, Apple wants to shift its 6 production lines from China to India. With these production lines, Apple wants to serve the local demand as well as export to other countries.

Not just iPhones, but Apple wants to manufacture laptops, tablets, etc in India. As of now, iPhone XR is manufactured in the country. By manufacturing in India, Apple saves around 20% tax for the import duty

Currently, these iPhones are made in India by a contract manufacturer Foxconn. Foxconn also submits proposals to avail the benefits of government’s 50,000 incentive scheme

Along with Apple, several other companies like Samsung, Lava, Dixon, etc want to manufacture in the country. This might create around 11 crore jobs in the next 5 years along with the 55000 jobs by Apple

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18% decline in Hiring in March. Delhi NCR is the most affected region.

In the month of March, across India, the hiring has been reduced by 18%. The most affected sectors are travel, airlines, hospitality, and retail industries which saw a decrease of 56% in offering new jobs. The job portal Naukri has compared this data with the previous year’s data and announced these results.

50% decline in hiring in the retail sector, followed by 38% in auto/ancillary, 28% in pharma, 11% in insurance, 10% in accounting/finance, 9% in IT and BFSI. This is according to the ‘Naukri job speak index’. The first 20 days of March have seen just a 5% decrease in hiring. Due to the lockdown, the overall hiring decrease has been increased up to 18%.

The hiring activity has seen a little rise in January which is around 5.75%. There is no increase in February and March has seen a decline.

This decline is observed the most in metro cities. In Delhi, it is 26%, 24% in Chennai and 18% in Hyderabad. The pharma industry in Delhi has seen a massive dip of 66%.

The demand in these sectors has grown higher with 63% in hospitality, 28% in banking, 23% in accounting, and 22% in IT&Hardware. Overall the decline among all the experience levels has been observed. The most affected experience level group is people with over 13 years of experience. They have seen a decline of 29%, while 0-7 years experience group has seen a decline of 16%.

However, the white-collar industries such as IT, BPO/ITES, BFSI, etc have seen a lesser decrease in hiring during these tough times. New recruitments in restaurants, travel, marketing have seen a decline of 51%, 48%, 33% respectively.

Naukri spokesperson has said that this is a crucial time for all the learners to update their skillset and make great use of this situation.

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