Cognizant India chairman steps down

In the last one year, there are many exits in Cognizant. Now there are two top-level exits from the company. Cognizant India chairman Mr.Ramkumar Rammoorthy steps down. Along with him, the head of Global delivery, Mr. Pradeep Shilige also resigned.

Cognizant India chairman steps down

These two people spend about two decades at the company. The CEO of cognizant sent an email to its employees about the stepping down of its India’s chairman. This resignation will come into effect from July 17th.

In his own words, ” I would like to thank Ramkumar for his successful tenure here, for his many contributions over the years, and for being a passionate brand ambassador of Cognizant with our multiple external stakeholders. We are particularly grateful for Ramkumar’s leadership role during the pandemic, where he ensured associate health and safety and affected the transition to work from home”

On LinkedIn, Mr. Ramamurthy announced his future plans that he would continue in education, skilling and mentoring budding entrepreneurs

He further adds that for the last 22 years, Cognizant has been his life and in the past few months he felt like stepping down and moving into his personal interest in education, upskilling, and mentoring

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On the other hand, Mr. Shilge is leaving to spend time with his family and continue pursuing the next challenge. Although, he will continue to work with the company until September 30. He then passes his position to Mr.Staffors who spend his last two years at Accenture

In the past few months, several Senior Vice presidents and Vice Presidents have resigned from Cognizant.

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US Staff at Oyo is sent on temporary leave. Indian jobs might be safe.

OYO, the Indian hotel chain has promised its employees that there will be no layoffs in India even though the situation is not good due to the corona spread. Unline in India, the staff in the US and other countries were being sent on ‘temporary leave’.

Ritesh Agarwal, the CEO of OYO has said that they are keeping their promise to Govt. of India that there will be no layoffs or salary cuts to all of its 10,000+ employees. Just 3 months back, the company has finished its latest round of layoffs as of recognition strategy to cut the costs. During that period, OYO has laid off around 30% of its US employees and 800 Indian employees.

He also said that no other sector would have impacted bigger than travel, tourism and hospitality sectors. The company is expecting a 10-15% losses due to this lockdown and corona situation. Globally, the overall revenues of the company have fallen over 50-60%.

The company is said to be thinking of all the different options in order to keep the jobs safe. Some of them are giving temporary leaves to OYOpreneurs, etc. However, they are planning to take back their employees on a full-time basis, once this situation is over.

OYO is back on track in China as the situation eases there. Also in Japan, Denmark the company is back to doing good. Recently, OYO’s competitor Treebo has given its employees an option for voluntary resignation. While in MakeMyTrip, the founders have taken a salary cut for the entire year.

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