Amazon plans to hire more in India

Amazon plans to hire more in India. During a call with investors, Amazon’s Director-Investor relations announces this.

Amazon plans to hire more people in India

The company wants to concentrate a lot on the Indian market. Earlier, Amazon announces its plans to open new warehouses in the country.

As a result, the network is also expanded in the country, with the company looking to generate more jobs.

The CFO of Amazon says that instead of Q3, this year Amazon wants to conduct it in Q4. During the days of August 6 and 7, the company is looking to conduct Prime day.

He further adds that the company wants to bring faster delivery for many products to its customers across India. Comment your views on Amazon plans to hire more in India

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Hiring planned by Amazon for around 50,000 seasonal jobs

On Friday, Amazon India announced that in order to handle the surge, it is planning to hire for around 50,000 seasonal jobs. The surge is mostly due to people who are vulnerable and not going outside and relying on the Amazon for all the essentials.

These temporary jobs include positions in delivery networks, fulfillment centers, and part-time workers. These individuals will be part of deliver, packing, picking up, and shipping teams. The Customer Fulfillment Options VP, Mr.Akhil Saxena has said that the company has learned how big a role Amazon and e-commerce plays during the Covid-19 crisis. In these situations, if the goods are delivered, it will good for small businesses and the economy of the country.

He also said that Amazon wants to make sure that people follow social distancing by delivering the goods they want. In order to handle this, the company is looking to fill up temporary positions which are around 50,000. The company is also looking to ensure the safety of these working employees in this period.

With the lockdown being enforced almost all over the country, the e-commerce industry has taken a hit. At first, the government has put restrictions on these e-commerce companies to only deliver essential items in the non-contaminant zones. But with the lockdown 4.0 in place, the government has allowed the companies to deliver both essential and non-essential items.

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