Tech Mahindra launches MHealthy to fight against COVID

Tech Mahindra launches MHealthy to fight against COVID. It is a solution to enable community safety and the workforce against COVID-19. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning for data-driven diagnostics.

Tech Mahindra launches MHealthy to fight against COVID

The company rolls out phase-wise screening across all of its India’s offices. It also plans to roll this all employees, customers, etc. MHealthy helps the company screen employees at regular times.

Also, this will help the company with data related to immunity status, comorbid conditions, etc.

This solution by Tech Mahindra not only does a risk assessment but also screens multiple factors that contribute to the risk. The key attributes of this solution are 96% accurate antibody test on a single platform.

This solution will connect the health providers with the employees of the company to track and monitor the health of the employee at regular intervals. This will also enable real-time dashboard with all the info

Also, audio/video consultation is also provided through this platform. The company wants to reduce the time and action in this way

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Oyo rooms staff will work from home permanently
30% of Tech Mahindra will soon WFH permanently

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30% of Tech Mahindra will soon WFH permanently

The CEO of Tech Mahindra says that 30% of Tech Mahindra will soon WFH permanently. The company recently announces its quarterly results. During the press release, the CEO announces this company’s decision

30% of Tech Mahindra will soon WFH permanently

He also says that currently, 90% of its entire workforce is working from home. Also, all of their customers are quite happy with the employees of the company meeting their expectations.

The CEO also says that under these circumstances, at least for 1-2 quarters there will be fewer people working from offices. In the initial phases of working from home, business process services teams faced some difficulties

The company also invested in an integrated command line to put in the mitigation plans. The peers of Tech Mahindra are also looking to implement the mixed work models

Some companies like HCL says that WFH may not be a permanent model for them. The Chief Human Resources Officer of HCL says that WFH is not suitable both physically and mentally for longer durations

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Tech Mahindra’s office sealed at Bhuvaneswar due to COVID cases

Bhuvaneswar Municipal Corporation’s (BMC) enforcement squad seals the Tech Mahindra’s office sealed at Bhuvaneswar due to COVID cases. Seven employees of the company tested positive

Tech Mahindra's office sealed at Bhuvaneswar due to COVID cases

Mr. Prem Chand Choudhary, the commissioner of BMC tells that the initiation of standard COVID-19 protocols is done. Contact tracing is also done for the employees who were in touch with the infected persons, earlier

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As a precautionary measure, 67 employees are asked to undergo home quarantine until July 20. Along with that, the samples of all these people will be collected to perform COVID tests

On July 3rd, the third floor at the Tech Mahindra building is closed after one of the staff is affected. After that, around 32 employees who were in touch were asked to be in-home quarantine

Earlier, the ITES company office at Bhuvaneswar Infocity is also sealed due to the detection of COVID cases. After that yesterday, Tech Mahindra’s office sealed at Bhuvaneswar due to COVID cases

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Which IT firm has the highest number of H1B employees?

Recently, US President Donal Trump announced a ban on H1B visas and green cards, until the end of this year. This led to companies looking to hire local talent. Let’s see which IT firm has the highest number of H1B employees

Which IT firm has the highest number of H1B employees?

Currently, there are 76,649 Indian employees working in IT firms. This includes TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, HCL, etc.

The visa ban will not affect the current visa holders but it might lead to an increase in the rejection of the renewal rate. In 2016, the rejection rate is around 4%. It increased to 21% in 2021

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TCS is the largest holder of total employees compared to other Indian IT companies. The overall count is 54,874. Of the 40% are on visas and rest are local talent. In the visas segment, 90% are under H1B visas and rest are under L1 visas

Infosys has an overall strength of 36,228 employees working for them in the USA. Out of these, 21,737 are local staff. Just like TCS, Infosys also has 40% of the employees under visa

Cognizant also depends highly on the H1B visas. 50% of its workforce works under H1B visas. Of them, 90% are of H1B visa candidates and the rest are of L1 visas

Meanwhile, Wipro and HCL are less dependent on the visas. Only 35% of its staff work with visas. Of them, 90% are working under H1B visas and rest are L1 visa candidates.

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Over the past few years, these Indian IT firms have benefitted by hiring fewer people

The top IT services providers in the country have hired fewer people over the past few years in comparison to their revenue growth across the same timeline. This indicates that companies are adopting various automation and digital technologies.

Companies like TCS, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, HCL Technologies, Wipro have increased their growth over the past few years. This has been achieved by adopting the artificial intelligence technologies, automation of tools and digital services

During the same period, the businesses of core services like application development, maintenance, and infrastructure have fallen. Analysts are saying that this can be due to using automation and other technologies for the tasks which are at the bottom of the pyramid.

India’s largest software service provider, TCS currently employs 4,48,464 employees and has seen a compounded growth of 7% in hiring. In relation, the company’s revenue has grown by 10.64% every year. Meanwhile, Infosys’s revenue growth is slightly higher than TCS at 11.23% since the financial year 2015. The company has seen an increase in hiring by 6.59% for the past 5 years

The highest disparity between revenue and hiring among the top IT service providers in the country is observed at TechMahindra with revenue growth at 10.26% and hiring is at 4% each year since FY15

Since the FY15, Wipro has seen a 3% increase in hiring every year, and the revenue of the company has grown by 5.38% for the same period. HCL is the one that has performed well in terms of revenue for the last 5 financial years. The company’s revenue has been increased by 13.77% while the hiring has seen an increase of 7.23%. In the last five years, the company has recruited around 47,000 employees which increase the overall employee count to 150,423

However, at Tech Mahindra there has been a great difference between revenue and hiring for the last 5 years. The revenue of Tech Mahindra grew at 10.26% while new employees are recruited at a rate of 4% each year. Analysts predict that this great disparity at Tech Mahindra is due to the increased number of subcontractor staff deployed in every project.

Last week during the filing to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Infosys announced that the use of automation tools and related technologies have cut down the costs for the company. Also, this has led to the involvement of manual effort in the projects.

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Now its Tech Mahindra. Pune Labor Commission has sent a notice to Tech Mahindra for imposing salary cuts

Pune’s Tech Mahindra has received a notice from the Pune Labor Commissioner’s office after an IT employee welfare organization has filed a complaint against Tech Mahindra over the reduction of salaries to its employees. The complaint has been filed by NITES(National Information Technology Employees Senate). NITES has received lots of complaints from the employees of Tech Mahindra.

Last week, the employees of Tech Mahindra has received a mail stating that the shift allowance payments ranging from Rs. 5000 to 10000 will be discontinued from May 1. Reports say that over 13000 employees are affected due to this. Earlier, Wipro has been subjected to such notice.

The letter says that NITES demands strong and strict action against the Tech Mahindra Pune branch, due to the company failing to follow the human rights and also violating the Maharashtra Government’s state orders. Along with the letter, a notice has also been sent by Nikhil Walke, Assistant Labor Commissioner. The Maharashtra Govt. orders are that during the lockdown, no employer should cut the salaries of their employees.

In response, a Tech Mahindra spokesperson has said that the employees who are coming to the office to work at odd hours are being paid the shift allowances and also to the people who are at client locations. Also, it is said that their primary focus is to ensure the well being of the employees and associates of Tech Mahindra while continuing the business.

The company has informed during the Q4 results that some of its clients are cutting down discretionary spending. The company also was affected in the BPO business, due to the delayed approval of work from home. Several analysts also confirmed that all the BPO businesses in the country are affected due to the same delay in getting the approval of the work from home of its employees.

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Sensational! 25% of its employees might be allowed to work from home till 2021 by Tech Mahindra.

On Monday, Tech Mahindra announced that it is in discussions with its clients to allow 25-30% of its employees to continue to Work from home. This could be at least until the end of this fiscal year. Mr. Manoj, the CFO of the company has also said the company is building a new command control system to track the productivity of the employees and the revenue of the company. This new application is already in its beta stage and is currently used by the company, he added.

He further said that the company can easily accommodate 25-30% of its employees to continue working from home in this current financial year. Even the customers are also encouraging the employees to work from home. He also added that the company is working with its clients to create an effective model to allow its employees to work from home. This could easily take 1-2 quarters to finally have a feasible model.

He also said that the main intention is to get to know what is happening in work from home or work from client and collectively track the income and productivity.

Tech Mahindra currently has around 94% of its total 125,000 employees working from home due to the lockdown imposed by the government. The CFO also mentioned that the main reason to have a command control system is to make the quality management system completely online and real-time rather than relying on the manuals and documents. He said, however, the company has to consider privacy issues while working from home.

While having the post-earnings conference call with their analysts, the company is looking at various strategies to reduce costs. Some are to allow its employees to work from home, and reduce the subcontractors’ cost, etc. The company also currently has put a pause on the bonuses.

The company is eagerly looking forward to implementing this model with the benefits that are clearly being seen such as the costs have been dropped to 3% of the overall revenue to 16% previously before the lockdown, in previous quarters.

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Salaries are cut and increments are canceled by Tech Mahindra. But jobs are safe

One of India’s biggest IT service provider Tech Mahindra has released a statement saying that due to the corona lockdown all the promotions and bonuses are put on hold for now. This is due to the lack of revenue since the start of the lockdown. TechMahindra has reported a huge loss of 29% in revenue.

On the brighter side, Tech Mahindra has confirmed that no employee will be fired for now.

Yesterday, while announcing the financial results of the quarter, Tech Mahindra CEO has confirmed the same by saying they are canceling all the bonuses, hikes, and increments for this quarter. This is applicable to all employees of Tech Mahindra.

For senior and mid-level employees, there were undisclosed salary cuts. But for junior-level employees there were no salary cuts planned, Tech Mahindra CEO has confirmed. The situation for now at Tech Mahindra is that no employee is going to be fired. But in the future, depending on the revenue and number of projects at hand, some employees might be asked to leave the organization.

Tech Mahindra CEO has added that unless there is a situation where a complete line of business will be closed, there won’t be any firing of the employees.

Around 90% of the Tech Mahindra employees are currently working from home. The CEO while announcing the quarter results has described that this is a tough period for the company. The company has reportedly lost 29% of the consolidated profits in this quarter. Currently, there are around 1,25,236 employees working in Tech Mahindra which is 4.3% less than the previous quarter.

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One-fifth of the H1B Visa applicants are denied Visa in 2019. Indian IT firms suffered the most

With the help of the H1B visa, US companies can employ foreign workers in special occupations that require technical or theoretical experience. But in 2019, among all the applicants for the H1B visa, one-fifth of the applicants were denied by the USA. This denial has affected Indian companies like TCS, Infosys the most, in comparison to American firms.

Several tech companies depend on the H1B visa to hire employees from various countries like China, India, etc. The denial rate in 2018 was 24% overall and it has slightly dropped down to 21% in 2019. The National Foundation for American Policy has said that the rejection rate is higher for Indian companies like Wipro, TCS, Infosys but lower for American companies.

The rejection rate for TCS and Infosys is 31% and 35% respectively in 2019. It was 47% for Wipro, which is the highest for any Indian company and 37% for TechMahindra.

But on the other side, the rejection rate for the H1B visa for Amazon and Google is just 4%. For Microsoft, it’s 6%, while Facebook and Walmart face a 3% rejection rate.

In 2020, Trump’s office is set to make new changes in the H1B visa policy which will make it difficult for US companies to hire highly-skilled foreign candidates. The rejection rate shared by the top seven Indian companies is down by 64% between 2015 and 2019.

This increase in rejection rate is due to US firms recruiting local talent rather than depending on the foreign candidates to fill the existing openings. President Trump has said that the IT companies are abusing the work visa in favor of foreign candidates.

A few years back Trump issued an order “Buy American and Hire American” in a bid to increase employment in the country and create more jobs locally.

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Multiple companies like TCS, HCL are asking their employees to work from home to stop the spread of Corona Virus

India is the latest country to get affected by the killer ‘Corona virus’. The number of people affected seems to increase day by day. Due to this, top companies like Tech Mahindra, TCS, HCL are asking its employees to opt for Work from home. Along with these companies, several other companies are also asking their employees to work from home to stop spreading the virus.

Although the virus is severe and deadly, a lot of misinformation is being spread via social media which could mislead people. The employees of these companies have a lot of global exposure, opting for work from home might reduce the risk of getting affected by this virus.

TCS has stated that it has asked its employees in Italy to stay at home and work. Recently, a Delhi resident got affected by Corona after visiting Italy. He also infected 15 Italian people and an Indian along with him.

The companies are planning to provide all the support employees need and are also working closely with clients to take control of this dire situation.

Along with TCS, Tech Mahindra is also advising it’s employees to opt for work from home. Anand Mahindra, the CEO of Tech Mahindra has tweeted ” The crisis will pass, but I think it’s making the world press a permanent ‘Reset’ button. 1) It’ll accelerate working from home 2) lead to more digital ‘virtual’ conferences 3) More video calls, less meetings.4) Less air travel, leading to a greener footprint. Anything else?”

HCL has said that it has started a contingency plan in the areas that are affected by the Corona virus. To actively monitor the situation in the affected regions, HCL has formed a global task force and is taking the required actions to control the situation by providing full support to its employees.

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