Google extends work from home until next June

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Google extends work from home until next June to all its employees. On Monday, the company announces this.

Google extends work from home until next June

The CEO sends an email to the employees stating that to give heads up to their employees for planning ahead, the company is planning to extend its work from home until June 2021

Earlier, this deadline is set for January. After Google extends work from home until next June, several other companies also set to follow Google in setting up the return dates to offices.

The employees would be glad to hear these precautionary measures in spite of the growing corona fear.

The normal return to workplaces might be delayed due to the increase in the number of cases of corona across the world.

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Several tech firms announce that in the coming months the offices will be opened gradually. Few companies announce that their employees can work from home indefinitely. Twitter is one of them.

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Physical Meetings are a lot better than virtual meetings – Satya Nadella

In this current lockdown situation, almost every company is looking to implement or have already implemented work from home for its employees. But Satya Nadella believes that work from home in the long term will have a huge impact on the employee’s health. He said that this could affect social interactions and employees might get mental health issues as well.

He says that he prefers to have physical meetings rather than these virtual meetings. He insists that while during a physical meeting, you are talking to the actual person who sits next to you and you will be able to connect with them two minutes before and after.

Previously, Microsoft was one of the first companies to implement work from home to its employees during the initial stages of coronavirus spread. As per the latest news, Microsoft has asked its employees to continue working from home until at least December.

He also stresses out that there will be a loss of “social capital” if work from home is continued in the long term, for which there is no way to measure the amount lost. He also wants the companies to check on their employees regularly on burnout and mental health issues, etc.

However, Satya Nadella is keen on helping small organizations that have been hit hard by the corona lockdown. Also, Microsoft is one of the few companies to see an actual increase in their stock this year, which increased by 14%.

Previously, Twitter had announced that they are offering their employees to work from home as long as they want and are no restrictions to choose that. It has become the first company to announce the forever work from home option. Following this, payment giant Square also announced that their employees can take work from home indefinitely.

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WFH forever? Twitter changes its work culture norms post lockdown

On Tuesday, Twitter announced that all of its employees can work from home indefinitely as long as they want. The spread of the virus has shattered the IT work culture and post lockdown the companies are implementing different ways to help their employees, overcome this.

Around the globe, 4.2 million people have been affected due to coronavirus. This has led the governments to impose lockdown and several restrictions.

Twitter has said that the offices will open around September and the employees now have the choice to come to the offices or continue to work from home. CEO Jack Dorsey has planned to move to Africa for three to six months while managing the Twitter remotely. Twitter and most of the companies see this as an emerging norm for the employees.

Also, it was announced that there will not be any business travels until September with very few exceptions from Twitter. Also, it had announced that there will no in-person events conducted in the offices until the end of this year.

Previously, tech giants like Facebook and Google have announced that they are allowing its employees to continue to work from home until this year end. Last week, Google had asked its employees to take a leave on May 22nd to handle the continuos work from home efforts.

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Here are some of the top jobs in Analytics you can apply

In India, there was around a 45% increase in analytics jobs from the previous year. Bangalore and Delhi are the two regions that produce more analytics jobs. Even though there is a hiring freeze due to this corona spread, reports say that there will be an increase in the job openings in the analytics.

Few of the jobs to apply are

Data Governance Analyst – Twitter
Location: Bengaluru
Candidates are required to drive data management and data policy compliance. Also, the candidates should make recommendations based on the analysis and identify anomalies.
Below are the requirements expected from the candidate:
1. Candidate should create Collibra workflows
2. Should have an idea of how to execute data governance frameworks.
3. Has to provide data metrics and business analysis on data governance policies.
4. Should be a go-to person for creating data dashboards
Job Link:

Data Scientist – Inteliment Technologies
Location: Pune
The company is looking for candidates who have good scripting knowledge and have hands-on experience in data toolkits like R, MATLAB, SAS, SPSS. Candidates with automotive industry background are preferred. Also, NLP, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Statistical Modelling, and Predictive Modelling are expected from the candidates
1. Logical and Analytical thinking along with Problem solving skills
2. Ability to work independently
3. Interpret, evaluate, and communicate the results understandable by the audience.
4. Should conduct root cause analysis and performance tuning.
Job Link:

Data Management Analyst – Deloitte India
Location: Hyderabad
Candidates should be able to participate in the projects actively. They should identify changes and suggest some to improve the quality of the project. Candidates should have a good knowledge of MS-Office and should be able to write SQL queries.
1. Candidates should manage basic client segmentation process
2. Should make enhances to data quality management process
3. Design basic business process improvements
4. Support ETL operations
Job Link:

Data Analyst – Amazon:
Location: Bengaluru
Candidates should work cross-functionally with the account management team to fix problems with the sellers. Candidates should understand the use of Amazon tools and utilize them to provide solutions. Also, the candidates are expected to provide business solutions.
1. Use of Amazon tools, efficiently
2. Improve seller performance by defining new techniques and analysis
3. Have sharp analytical skills
Job Link:

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Whatsapp chatbot created by India to create awareness and stop the spread of wrong information

India found a new way to tackle the spread of misinformation via social media. It is with the help of a WhatsApp chatbot. People are getting so much fake information from social media during this period. The spread of wrong information should be controlled. If not, it could create havoc among the public.

To stop this and make people aware, Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi has told the citizens of the country that they can send a message to a WhatsApp bot which is name MyGov Corona Helpdesk. The bot will reply to you with instant authoritative answers for the corona queries asked. The queries can be like asking about symptoms, preventive measures, etc.

To utilize this, the person has to send a text message to +919013151515 via Whatsapp to connect with the bot. Here is the shortcut to connect with the bot. Mumbai’s Haptik Technologies has built this bot which is bought by the telecom industry giant Reliance Jio. The information for this bot will be provided by the Ministry of Health.

According to Aakrit Vaish, this bot has been created to create awareness, control the fake news and rumors, and educate the public.

Currently in India, more than 250 individuals have been tested positive by the virus. On Friday, the Ministry of Health has advised social media such as Facebook, Twitter, ShareChat to take control of the accounts which are providing fake/false news or rumors.

Last week, WHO associated with Whatsapp to create a helpline to provide awareness about health issues related to coronavirus. This help would help the public with information on how they can protect themselves from the spread of the virus, health alerts, etc. It will also answer some FAQs.

Mark Zuckerberg said that they are working with governments of all the countries, especially the Indian government to help them give the right information to the public.

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