Trump signs a new executive order against hiring H1B visa-holders

Trump signs an executive order against hiring H1B visa-holders. This new executive order prevents the hiring of these H1B visa holders for federal contracts.

Trump signs a new executive order against hiring H1B visa-holders

This is a huge blow for candidates, especially H1B visa holders and federal agencies. This restricts federal agencies in contracting or sub-contracting the H1B visa holders.

Earlier, a month before Trump signs an order for the restriction of issuing new H1B visas. This move will be in effect until the end of 2020. Trump believes that this order will protect the US workers to get jobs

Several IT companies depend on this visa to hire candidates from around the world, especially India and China. Trump also says that this decision will stop the companies from firing hard-working Americans in favor of foreign candidates.

This new executive order lets the federal agencies have an internal check to make sure if they are in compliance with the new rules. This enables federal agencies to only hire US nationals for these jobs

Trump also says that this move will encourage the merit-based immigration system. This move will also bring highly skilled workers from around the world to generate jobs in the USA and not replace Americans at their jobs

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Trump plans to sign restriction orders for the H1B visa

The US President Trump plans to sign restriction orders for the H1B visa. This is an executive order which restricts the issuing of new H1B, L1, and other temporary work permit visas. The main motive of this idea is to improve local employment in the USA

Trump plans to sign restriction orders for H1B visa

Trump believes, by this order, almost everyone in the country will be happy and would welcome this decision. Although he believes that they will always be a few exceptions.

The USA is having many unemployment problems right now. The unemployment rate in the country has risen rapidly due to the coronavirus pandemic. Hence, Trump plans to sign restriction orders for the H1B visa

This move impacts the foreign workers especially Indians who are already scheduled to move to the US from October 1, 2020, once they receive their approval orders. Indians contribute to 70% of 85,000 visas issued every year.

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Does this affect the current visa holders?

Analysts predict that this move might not affect the people who are already present in the USA currently. This move will affect US tech giants more than that of Indian tech companies. Indian companies started hiring local talent for the last few years opposite the US companies that rely mostly on foreign workers.

In the fiscal year 2019, seven of the top 10 companies that rely on H1B visas are US companies. According to the data from USCIS, the share of Indian companies in H1B visas dropped from 51% to 24% from 2016-19

The unemployment rate for Computer Science in the USA is dropped from 3% to 2.5% from January to May, this year. For other sectors, it increased from 4.1% to 13.5% in the same period.

Recently, in April, Trump signed an order tor restrict Green cards, and some resident permits for a period of 60 days.

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Indians, get US citizenship in just 3 months. Read this to find out how.

Some of the Indian citizens have found a way to get US citizenship in 3 months. This will also allow the spouse of the visa holder to work in the US without any restrictions. Also, if the citizens have any children under age 21, they will also be covered under this.

These days, attaining US citizenship is becoming difficult and also an expensive one. But many Indians have found this new way which would get them the citizenship in just 3 months. This is through Grenada. Yes, the country in the Caribbean. A new Investment program called the CBI program was launched in Grenada which will help Indians get citizenship of the US.

Under this new program, the visa applicant has to make an investment of $220,000 in a government-approved real estate entity. Grenada has an E2 visa treaty with the US. According to this, any citizen from Grenada can attain citizenship in the US in just 3 months. Also, according to the E2 treaty, it will allow any individual from the Caribbean country to invest a minimum of 150,000$ to live and do the business in the USA. This investment should be 50% owned by the investor and should be able to direct and develop.

This new route is becoming quite popular after the change of rules of the EB-5 program was done in getting the US visa. The new rule has increased the minimum investment from 500,000$ to 900,000$ in TEA(Targeted Employment Area) and 1million$ to 1.8million$ in non-TEA

So, this new route via Grenada is cheaper and faster to get a US visa. In 90 days, the citizen of Grenada can attain citizenship in the US. A total of 180 days, 90 for attaining the Grenada citizenship and another 90 for the US. Once becoming a US citizen, the spouse of the citizen will also be allowed to stay in the country and work freely along with any of their children under age 21.

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