Oyo rooms staff will work from home permanently

Recently, the CEO of Oyo announces that Oyo rooms staff will work from home permanently. This decision comes after the company quits its leased offices in Gurugram

Oyo rooms staff will work from home permanently

Currently, Oyo classifies its employees into three categories. Those are corporate employees, capability functions, and field staff.

The field staff should be working at their real estate properties full time, but the remaining two sets of employees can WFH permanently

The Cheif HR officer of Oyo says the same thing while interacting with the media. He says that the company is planning to implement a hybrid model of working from home.

The employees do not need to come to offices. They can either work from home or from the co-working spaces of Oyo. Not only Oyo but several companies are implementing permanent work from home model

Several other Indian startups like Policy Bazaar also ditched their offices in Gurugram enabling permanent WFH. Swiggy and Zomato are also considering the same

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Wipro plans to adopt new work from home model

After TCS and IBM, now Wipro plans to adopt new work from home model. The Wipro chairman announces that the company will come out strong from the COVID impact. Next month, Wipro is set to welcome its new CEO.

Wipro plans to adopt new work from home model

The chairman tells that almost 90% of the current employees are work from home right now. He also tells that the company cannot go back to the old model of working. Hence, it has to adopt a new model which includes the employees working from home

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In his first letter to the new CEO, Azim Premji says that the company will come out stronger once this corona lockdown ends. The next few months will be crucial for the company to resurrect the business.

Why Wipro plans to adopt new work model?

Mr.Azim Premji also believes that as more and more companies focus on the resurrection, the more adoption of technological advancements. He also says that the company cannot now function with 100% of the employees working from the offices. The current employees are now trained efficiently to work from home

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On the appointment of the new CEO, Mr.Premji says that the new CEO Thierry will bring exceptionally great leadership, strong international exposure, deep strategic expertise to the company. He also has the experience to drive the transformation and managing technological disruption. He believes Thierry is the right leader currently for the company

How about other companies?

Recently, TCS announces a new work from a home model, in which only 25% of the total employees will work from the offices by 2025. Also, each and every employee will spend only 25% of their time in the office

Earlier, Infosys also announces a new work model. According to this model, around 80,000 employees will never come to the office. The company also wants 66% of the employees to work from offices and 33% to work from home permanently.

Along with TCS and Infosys, IBM also announced plans in which only 25% of the employees will come to offices and the rest will have flexible work from home plans. Also, IBM plans to reduce the workspace to 50% in India.

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